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Bringing Banking to Blockchain: Cryptov8 platform

A project called Cryptov8 is a decentralized platform. 

Which is traditionally developed primarily for the gap between crypto Bank and traditional banking products and services familiar to us, through the blockchain technology.

Cryptov8 is one of the development outcomes of the blockchain industry that is experiencing good performance and great ideas based on a system that directly opens opportunities for investors to be more open with token investment. Being one of the first generated blockchain platforms this company wants to realize and help investors to care more about the economic weakness that many suffered by some people around the world in the concept of mutual help as an investment that can be traded by users registered on this blockchain platform.

This is a unique opportunity to quickly and safely access the required services using the functionality of this platform. The platform will have a cryptocurrency wallet, where users will be able to track the status of their account, work with assets.

Some important points of the Cryptov8 platform will be the points that will be owned by most of the registered investors or potential investors who will start their business on this platform on a large scale.Fundamental to the Cryptov8 proposition will be establishing a UK domiciled and authorised bank using blockchain technology to bridge the gap between cryptobanking and traditional banking products and services. Our technology platforms and digital assets will improve adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies globally.

  • Convenience – making wallet creation and access straight forward. Ability to manage all your cryptobanking and traditional banking in one place.
  • Trust – as an authorised and regulated bank we will apply the highest levels of regulatory principles and best industry practice to protect our customers.
  • Security – providing bank grade security with the ability to securely store wallet and password details to allow retrieval.
  • Cost – make exchange costs and withdrawals cheaper and more certain.
  • Reward – uniquely, our cryptobanking customers will directly receive rewards for their loyalty. We will give a share of our cryptobanking fees back to our customers.
  • Acceptance – making cryptocurrency payment mainstream.
  • Education – providing easy access to educational material, knowledgebase and providing support to crypto customers.

Token Ticker: CRV8
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Token for Sale: 750,000,000
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, USD
Soft cap: 15,625 ETH
Hard cap: 156,250 ETH

Pre ICO: 14th July 2018 - 24th August 2018

Price = 0.0002089 ETH
1 ETH = 4,788 CRV8
Min. purchase = 0.1 ETH
Max. purchase = N/A

ICO: 24th August 2018 - 20th October 2018

Price = 0.0002315-.0002646 ETH
1 ETH = 4,320 – 3,780 CRV8
Min. purchase = 0.1 ETH
Max. purchase = N/A

In addition, Cryptov 8 categorizes the deposits currently controlled by existing banks. This allows customers to easily access the encryption currency market easily, cheaply, or freely. This will improve customer participation in the cryptographic currency market and will be paid for Cryptov 8 project token as a means of payment or for specific actions within the platform.

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@oc10pus Очень полезный проект. Надеюсь у команды получиться его правильно реализовать. Подписался на Ваш блог, надеюсь на взаимность!

15.08.2018 15:01