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Blackbox Business Operating System: ICO review

Blackbox mаnаgеѕ, coordinates, and ԛuаlifiеѕ trаnѕасtiоnѕ across our nеtwоrk. Bу еmbrасing сhаngе and uѕing оur strengths аѕ a collaborative соmmunitу, we саn grow оur tаlеnt рооl, uр-ѕkill wоrkеrѕ, and rеthink wауѕ of dоing things focused on thе соmmоn gооd, rather thаn thе non-reciprocal intеrеѕtѕ оf thе wеаlthу ѕhаrеhоldеrѕ, аnd financial institutions alone.
Thе Blасkbоx token sale iѕ only аvаilаblе to persons outside thе US аnd Chinа.

Blackbox Operating System is an intelligent decentralized application, designed to create the future of work, radically transforming our organizational operations and systems. This revolutionary blockchain-based platform has the greatest minds in the business behind it, and is proudly powered by Aritificial Intelligence and engineered by powerful protocols. Further, it employs the policy on meritocracy to empower humans, increase their value and ensure greater work efficiency, while reducing cost at the same time.

BBOS primarily focus on five elements of the organizational structure:

  1. Governance – First, not all the organizations are operated in a same way. The main aim of BBOS is to provide a flexible solution to the organizations where junior talent needs guidelines and internal proposal system brings streamline voting, goal alignment and constructive feedback.
  2. Compensation – In an organization, fair compensation leads to higher engagement, better quality of work and contributor retention. But the question is how to determine it. So, through their Deliverable Value Points and Proof of Value protocols, they can achieve this.
  3. Identity – Identity plays a very important role in an organization. It reflects your expertise, your reputation and the value you have added. BBOS utilizes identity to drive recommendations, compensate appropriately and provide more accurate estimates.
  4. Management – Every organization believes in management to reach their organizational goals. In BBOS through Blackbox token, they are removing inefficiencies which exist in getting work done. From project management to personal management seems to benefit because they can quantify more information and improve feedback system which leads to better decisions and ownership.
  5. Security – For security internally purpose, BBOS has a strong focus on identity and management, who disincentivizes unexpected behaviour. When behaviour reveals than people or systems are made aware and necessary action is been taken. Now, for externally purpose, BBOS leverages a private, permissioned blockchain which helps to ensure the accuracy of data from threats.

The project Blackbox will actively apply AI and a wide network of communities. The capabilities of the platform will open up new horizons for us – regardless of location, origin, skills and social status, every user can find a profit for themselves here.

New Way to Measure Value:

  • ACCURACY - Using blockchain technology will provide toughness and accuracy as the basis of a distributed ledger technology. Many benefits will be obtained by using a decentralized network.
  • CLEAR HOPE - Compensation and estimates agreed upon when the proposal will be a clear reference that can be measured by expert consensus. Big profits will be gained by the traditional approach to project management tasks.
  • TRANSPARENCY - Proposals are selected on the Blackbox OS network and require consensual to be followed up. Not only get external token holders and internal members, but they can also add feedback and have a voice in what will be followed up.

Presale Sale: 50% Bonus NOW Until July 25, 2018 

Ticker: BBOS 

Token Type: Ethereum ERC20 

Token Price: 1 BBOS = $ 0.16 ($ USD) 

Time: 25% Bonus starts July 25, 2018 (10:00 AM EST) - August 3 2018 (10:00 AM) EST or until the maximum limit is reached. 

Payment: ETH 

Token Purpose: BBOS Token provides access to the Blackbox Network and serves as an internal mechanism to facilitate the labor market / capital while providing governance 

Supply Token: 1,000,000,000 

for sale in Pre-Sale 50% discount: 37,500,000 

Sold at Pre-Sale 25% discount: 58,333,333 

Total Pre-Sale Hard Cap: $ 10,000,000 USD.

The roadmap:

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