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BitGoals: the biggest, most fundamental projects in the sports, gaming and crypto worlds


  • Can the blockchain improve your sports betting outcomes?

In 2018, sports bettors may never again need to bet under the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip or on offshore online betting destinations to wager on their favored games group.

  • Solution \- BitGoals is a financial games stage in view of the blockbuster for epicureans of games who utilize smart contracts. This is a progressive decentralized stage, which offers a reward arrangement of prizes for all games fans the world over.
  • As a result of its ever-growing nature, the sports industry seem congested, because of the population it has, and this congestion has brought about poor management of the industry and the birth of all manner of manipulative concepts in the sports industry. With all of this in mind, there is the consciousness that something needs to be done.
  • And to settle this, BITGOALS platform was invented to transform into a far more interesting sector, the sports industry (

\\ Bitgoals will incorporate some very interesting features :**

  • Casual bets : play your favorite poker game. Yes, learn to retire on time and do everything when you want to win.
  • Fantastic league : wake up and train your dream team to become champions.
  • Ticket match : get your tickets for your favorite game using Bitgoals STP token.
  • Merchandise Store : Do not miss this year's jersey. Get it on BitGoals.

  • \\Support: \\

Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, American football, Cricket, Rugby,Tennis,Boxing, to mention but this few.

BitGoals allows you to manage your wallet at the same time and integrate multiple partners simultaneously. Companies have more customer access, enabling them to quickly sell their products with a pointer to the target. Changes in the BitGoals model help companies reduce their effective obligations. Partners can encourage more loyalty to potential customers by appointing feeds and storing BitGoals usage.

\\ STP is a token that will be used on Bitgoals Platform. Token acts as :**

  • A sport gaming and betting currency
  • A reward
  • A form of payment
  • An incentive powers the BitGoals Economy

There are many sports betting services, but none of them offer a united community, a solution that will effect current sports platforms, that will serve as a currency for all the sports and gaming services and products, and doesn’t have a team that stood behind many projects and can give the experience and knowledge to create the ultimate experience which is BitGoals.

  • Token Name : BitGoals
  • Symbol : STP
  • Token Standard : Hybrid
  • Start date : June 14, 2018 at 18:00 Local time Russia (UTC + 3)
  • STP price will increase to $ 0.8
  • STP can be exchanged for Bitcoin

• The Bitgoal token is a can be used to place bets in the platform

• The tokens would be used to reward players and used as incentives.

• The tokens can be used to purchase tickets to sporting events.

• The Bitgoal tokens can be used to purchase sporting merchandise.

• The Bitgoal token can be used to set up fantasy teams in the platform.

The strong team:


For more details about BitGoasls, please visit:

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