Autoblock is allowing to estimate productivity and service life of cars

The AutoBlock is a blockchain product and service suite which is specially developed for the worldwide automotive industry. The idea for such a solution was born in the first quarter of 2017 when the founding members realized that though the motor market was significant, it lacked the essentials that made it safe, secure to access, and reliable.


  • Payment security and enhancement
  • Vehicle valuations systems
  • Vehicle data

The AutoBlock will also BENEFITS from its valuation system which:

  • Is unbiased and powered by the Blockchain technology
  • Doesn’t have a centralized data center
  • Acts as an instant solution for seamless access
  • Provides shared access with one touch
  • Is based on country of origin
  • Offers region and country-specific valuations
  • Gives unrestricted access to information


A car for portaƖ to deaƖers of cars that accept AutoCoín to advertíse free shares, opening up a new market for them. Poor performance, performance, and cars are transacted worldwide through AutoCoin, massively fulfilled by car lovers.

AUTOBLOCK is just a bridge between the automotive industry and the crypto-currency industry, and it looks like the end of some fraud that occurs in the process of buying and selling a car on the Internet. Blockchain technology, as we all know, is the most transparent and safe platform on the planet, therefore all vehicle data in the AUTOBLOCK database can not be manipulated.

The Autocoin currency is the only transaction medium in the platform, and currently you can purchase some Autocoin by joining the ICO, which is currently ongoing. The price of Autocoin on the market will inevitably increase due to its usefulness; in the near future, many transactions will be carried out on a daily basis.


• Token: AUTO;

• ICO price: 1 AUTO = 0.00025 ETH;

• Platform: Ethereum;

• Method of payment: ETH;

• Min. investment: 0.20 ETH;

• Softcap: 5,000 ETH;

• Hardcup: 40,000 ETH.


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