Amicorum - the mutually beneficial ecosystem between buyers and sellers

AMICORUM.LIVE will provide secure, transparent and “0” transaction/processing fee based platform for the ticket re-sale industry - eliminating transaction costs, fraud and empowering ticket buyers. AMICORUM.LIVE will solve the most fundamental problem of high transaction and processing fees paid by customers in the secondary ticket markets. Packed with features and built on ETH blockchain, it is the only platform with no competitors in the blockchain sphere. 

This company has commercial value, which is very special in every exchange. Providing convenience to potential investors is one of the things encryption companies can classify in the world, but it provides clear and detailed details and at the same time is a roadmap that determines whether the company is really paying attention to future investors - potential. 

While blockchain technology can be used in different ways, our blockchain solution for ticket re-sale generally builds on four fundamental features:

  1. Decentralized Validation – When a transaction such as a ticket sale occurs, new data blocks describing it are added to a chain only after consensus is reached among the relevant participants on the validity of the action— for example, when the users are validated, sellers list their tickets and buyers purchase the tickets.
  2. Redundancy – As the blockchain is continuously replicated on all nodes and that too on a single network, there is no single point of failure. This means that all the transactions for ticket re-sale will be listed on the network without the fear of deletion of records.
  3. Immutable storage – In order to tamper with data on blockchain, they would have to alter not just one block in a chain but also all successive blocks and most of their replications. Hence, any attempt on duplication of tickets or trying to name the tickets to a new user are not just easy but will be practically impossible to perform.
  4. Encryption – Digital signatures based on pairs of cryptographic private and public keys enable network participants to authenticate which participant owns an asset, initiated a transaction, signed a smart contract, or registered data in the blockchain. All the listed tickets will be validated, all user authentications will be validated and all transactions amongst these users will be validated on the smart contract within the blockchain. 

 The platform automates all business processes related to listing, sale, re-sale, token redemption, rewards and redemption of the festival or concert tickets while timely distributing the funds associated with each sale.

Reward Model:

Each transaction on the AMICORUM.LIVE will be eligible for a reward in AMI Tokens and transferred during confirmation of purchase and sale of tickets.AMI Token Rewards will be a % of the transaction value and authenticity of ticket.

The primary functions will include:

– Creation of User Portal (Seller/Buyer)

– KYC and vetting mechanisms (Seller/Buyer)

– Decentralized Ticketing Exchange for Seller & Buyer

– Blockchain ledger validation with complete security of information

– Ticket Re-Sale rules

– Reconciliation of Sales and funds remittance to sellers after network confirmations.


Token: AMI

Token Type: ERC20

Price: 1 AMI = 0.50 USD

Buy with: ETH

Raised: 0

Market Soft Cap: 5000000 USD

Market Hard Cap: 20000000 USD

The roadmap:

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