Consider a promising ICO Traxion

 Traxion is a platform that intends to provide clients with banking and financial service. Empowering clients to store, execute, get advances and all the more effectively and shrewdly. Traxion utilizes Blockchain-based innovation that is protected and straightforward to utilize. 

Platform hopes to solve a number of problems that regular financial institutions have. One of these problems is that many adults all over the world are still going without any kind of bank account. Traxion can add greater accessibility to banking. Speed of transactions can also be a large problem, often taking several days to complete a transaction.

Traxion has a partnership with MasterCard in order to allow people who hold tokens to link their wallets to a prepaid MasterCard. Payouts can be made directly to the prepaid card and then used for payment at many locations.

Platform Advantages:

  • The platform offers its users to use several payment gateways in accordance with their convenience.
  • It also offers a fund-raising platform where organizations can manage donations and use levers of choice from 20 payment options.
  • He also intends to launch the trading platform by December 2018 to give traders the opportunity to trade several digital currencies.

The core function of Traxion is to make the cryptocurrencies functional at a domestic level. Digital currencies are called the future currencies; there is no debate about its value in comparison to fiat currencies. Even the giant traditional currencies seem tiny in front of crypto currencies. The only unfortunate aspect about them is that they are not being used at a big level. How many of you can pay for their groceries, pizzas, coffee in cryptocurrencies. There are very few stores which accept digital currencies as a legitimate way of payment.  

TraXion will help the organizations on the framework to keep away from dangers of experiencing false exchanges and clients, while profiting from installments financing. Eventually, TraXion will give a white-name stage that incorporates different installment alternatives on a blockchain with an inherent KYC for onboarding of dealers and be utilized by any chain of traders and its backups.

Conditions ICO

Symbol: TXN 

Platform: Ethereum 

Dates Pre-ICO: 05/01/2018 - 05/31/2018 

Sales date: 01/05/2018 - 31/05/2018 

Type of the token: ERC20 

Price of the token: 0.0005000000 USD 

Total number of tokens: 500000000 Available for sale: 50% 

Max. purpose of collection: 60,000,000 USD 

Collected funds: 599,974 USD 

Currencies: ETH

The project team consists of experienced specialists:

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