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Greetings to all the readers of my blog! Recently, I discovered a new project, and I'm sure that it will be useful and interesting for you. The project is


Obviously, many of you have ever faced the verification procedure KYC ( in other words "Know Your Customer").
A potential client of a financial institution provides a package of documents containing regulated information about his personality. For example, you need to open a bank account, then the bank asks for photos of the passport and proof of residence. The procedure avoids the risks associated with fraud, this is a kind of protective mechanism.


But, actually, many people are afraid that they must provide their personal data. The project Traceto implements the KYC procedure using Blockchain technologies, which ensures the security of data storage for all users. The goal of the project is to develop a virtual platform KYC, which will allow to observe and regulate all provisions related to verification.
Besides, the platform is created by a team of true professionals, who have been successfully working and developing in this field for several years.


Distribution of tokens:

10% - Company Reserve
25% - Partnerships, Marketing, Airdrops and Bounties
25% - Team and Advisors
40% - Token Sale

Using Finance:

10% - Company Reserve
15% - Business Development and Marketing
25% - Operations, Legal and Admin
50% - Development and Maintenance

Information about token

Public sale began on April 26, now you have the opportunity to purchase tokens.

  • The token symbol: T2T
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type of the token: ERC20
  • Charge (max): 35,000 ETH
  • Payment: ETH
  • Price: 1 T2T = 0.0000875 ETH

In my opinion, the project Traceto is really perspective, important and evolving. Click the links below to see all the information. The idea of the project is impressive, study and make the right decision!









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Привет! Есть классный ресурс для Баунтистов. Лучшие,свежие ICO c Bounty!

08.05.2018 14:50