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After being active at Steem(It), the twin of Golos, I wanted to experience how things work at the 'voice'. Unfortunately I do not speak Russian, so I'll will first write in English, and maybe learn another language along the way. It is great to see how this great blogging on blockchain system got forked into Golos. Nice also that an English User Interface is supported. There are some small differences compaired to Steem here at Golos that I like. And I hope I can find the time to be active here also.

It would be nice if different language groups could become sub parts on this Social Media Platform, just like on the twin's one. Therefore getting more attention and more active accounts in. My writing would be under first tags of: 'English', 'Nederlands' and 'Oaldamsters'. The last one being dialect, like plaatduuts, as I came to understand a small part of Russia also speaks.

My brandname is OalDamster, and I stored this on the Steem on Graphene blockchain. And I'm also known under the name of Kobus Lohaim. My hometown is Winschoten, in the municipality of Oldambt. The country I live in is called Nederland, the neighbour of Belgie and Deutschland. By profession I'm a graphical designer and by nature I'm a geek. In Winschoten I live together with my family and our roots have been in the northern region for centuries.

There are several things I like to put time and effort in, like programming, hobby wise, I do not 'C' that well. So did I get together with the Slothcoin community, to make that one able to move on slow and steady. Also I did some thing with the monetary system at the NXT blockchain, that created Torum. That should get it's own childchain somewhere in 2017 at the brandnew Ardor system.

Sometimes I do attempt to translate my love for music into singing, but I'll leave it at calling it 'noises made by my throat'. Still, I enjoy it, just like a sometimes do strike a chord on my guitar. My mind is set to broad and open, most of the time, or at least I try my best too.

Furthermore I do some artwork now and then, some photography and creative cooking. And I love to go for walks for at least an hour every day, after the hectic of the day has been left behind.

My Russian is limited, extremely, but I know some Da, Njet and Mir, very important that one. And I leave you for now with a Dobre Djen!

Kind regards from Winschoten and have a great weekend!

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For crossreference: https://steemit.com/@oaldamster

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13.01.2017 14:58

Welcome! Добро пожаловать!

13.01.2017 15:12

Спасибо @dmilash!

13.01.2017 15:32

Welcome to Golos, @oaldamster.
Nice to see you here =)

13.01.2017 16:49

Thank you @arcange!
Great to be here. :-)

13.01.2017 20:53

Hi! I must say you did right decision to join Golos as it not only broadens the mind by understanding the culture of Russian speaking people but also gives greater possibilities comparing to Steemit. I wish you best here and on Steemit as well. If you are interested in improving your Russian, you are at right place. :) By the way, I guess you meant to say 'Dobriy djen' . 'Dobre' sounds as Ukrainian word that means 'Good' or 'Well' . Ukrainian language is similar to Russian but still sounds a bit different.

13.01.2017 21:24

Thank you, hope to learn, at least to read first and going on from there. :-)
So I now learned already two things: Dobre djen and Dobriy djen, thanks!

14.01.2017 08:36