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Did you know Changelly supports conversion of Golos and Golos Backed Gold?

And I did not know that...

Now I gladly will share it with you!

While I was over at SteemIt, the Golos relative, I wanted to convert some Steem Backed Dollar and Steem. For this I was using the Changelly service. And to my pleasent surprise Golos (Backed) Gold and Golos are supported by them. And as it has been quite a while since the last time I was here, I saw a good reason to post and share this with you. Unfortunately I am not able to write in Russian. But, I will release this post, including the screenshots, under Creative Commons-By-Share Alike license. So it can be translated by any Golos member and posted. Only need to mention me, @oaldamster, as the original writer, that is all.

Changelly converts lots of BitMoney kinds

Besides converting between Gold Backed Golos and Golos there are a lot of other options. Exchange Golos for Bitcoin, Litecoin or Steem, Changelly offers a lot of options. The procedure is very simple. At the homepage of Changelly select the BitMoney type you want to convert and what you want to convert it into. And then click [Exchange>, that will lead you to the next step. (Changelly can only convert starting from 10 GBG.)

Choose Golos (Backed) Gold, value minimum of 10 GBG, to Golos

  • Click [Exchange>

    Is this correct?

  • Click [Next>

    Where to send and with a Memo?

  • Click [Next>

    Check all the details

  • Click [Confirm and Make Payment>

    Send to changelly with the right memo(!)

  • Go to your Golos Account Wallet and choose Transfer from dropdown menu

    Make sure all the data correct!

  • Click [TRANSFER]

    Use your main Golos password to confirm

  • Click [SIGN]

    Changelly will find the best conversion rate when it got the payment

  • This might take a while, refresh screen if it does not update

    That is how it looks when it has finished

  • Go to your Golos Account Wallet History

    And there it is, conversion succeeded!

    This is a step-by-step manual for BitMoney conversion, without going to a trading exchange. If it is done for the first time, do it slowly, one step at a time. Changelly supports many BitMoney conversion types and is quite fast. Good luck converting!

{It is allowed to translate this post in any language.}

Please Note: Where you see my address in the screenshots you need to use your own of course, otherwise I will get the converted BitMoney. ;-)

Have a good one!

Screenshots & text cc-by-sa license @oaldamster
Feel free to translate and post.

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