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TokenGo will soon complete pre-sale of tokens at promotional prices, but we still have the opportunity to get Them with the maximum benefit. And details about the referral program, Takingo.

Hello everyone! This article ends the introductory cycle of 3 articles on acquaintance with TokenGO. Until the end of the presale there are only (or even?) 7 days, which means that you still have time to buy tokens with a bonus of 60%! If you want, of course. In total, the company has already collected 857 thousand dollars, quite a solid amount for the start. After 7 days, the presale will be over and a freebie is not to get. Who has not read about — now is here "Blockchain platform TokenGo" and then "TokenGO — money". And we'll talk about their referral program.
TokenGO referral program and how it works
You probably know what a referral is, right? Like anything in this world, different people treat it differently. If you are a categorical opponent of someone to advise some product, and never do it in principle, then feel free to close the article, it will be just about it.
So, Takingo maximum attention to the advertising of their company. When I showed my Spanish acquaintances how many people in the company's community were in Telegrams, they immediately uncovered their wallets and bought Tokens. No, of course not only because of the number of people in any chat, but it became a decisive argument in favor of the company. A great community is a great chance for success. And the secret of a large community is that people are motivated to recommend to their friends to invest here. Ie. if the company was just cool, but did not motivate to talk about it, then no more than 10% of investors at least someone told about it. And so the picture is completely different.
What I was once again pleased with this company, so this is its unusual bonus system. We are all used to the fact that we only get a bonus for inviting someone to throw money. Well, as a last resort, the people who brought us will get more. Multilevel marketing is called, or MLM in common. (Not to be confused with hell, MMM!!!). In the case of TokenGO if you call a friend, the bonus will get not only you but also your friend. Genius, man. A great motivation for those who are shy to offer anything to friends, thinking that he is making money on them. This and station not so, and here still and your each motivated, but under certain conditions. See how it works.
In order for your referral link to become active and give both people good bonuses, you need to buy at least 100 tokens yourself. But it's an investment as much as a whopping $ 60, 3500 rubles! If you are still here, and have not closed the page after the requirements of the company on such money go further. The more you buy, the greater the percentage for both. Explain on the figures.
Referral bonuses TokenGo are awarded as follows:
Buy from 100 to 1000 GPT 5% of the invited and 10% of the inviter.
Buying from 1001 to 5000 GPT -10% invited and 20% of the inviter.
Buy from 5001 to 10000 GPT 15% of the invited and 25% of the inviter.
Buy from 10001 GPT 20% of the invited and 30% of the inviter.
In case of purchase of less than 100 GPT, personal bonuses are not active
Having 100 GPT or more earned in TokenGo's bounty campaign doesn't activate personal bonuses.
In your personal account, you can always check the size of your bonus, as well as see detailed statistics on the accumulation of bonus size.
Example of a personal bonus:
You purchased 5001 GPT. You invited a friend who came by your referral link.
Your friend buys 10,000 GPT. In your case, the bonus works “Buy from 5001 GPT = 15% invited and 25% invited”.
In this case, your friend gets an extra 1500 GPT and you get 2500 GPT.
Example of a global and personal bonus:
You purchased 5001 GPT. You invited a friend who came by your referral link.
Your friend buys 10,000 GPT. In your case works bonus “Buying above 5001 GPT = 15% to the invited and 25% to the invited”.
Global bonus at the moment of time equal to 50%. Bonuses are added up.
In this case, Your friend gets an additional 6500 GPT and you get 2500 GPT.
Bounty referral bonuses.
Bounty referral bonus is 2% of GPT tokens from all tasks performed by your invited referral.
2% will be credited to the inviter if the inviter has a purchase of at least 100 GPT or earned in a bounty campaign of at least 10,000 GPT.
If you do not understand what a bounty, then you haven't read my second article, which I recommend to read at the beginning of this article!
As always, I honestly show my performance on working with the company. How many I himself bought, and how many earned on bounty and on attraction. You after all interestingly? Who else will tell and show you, if not Max

So, you can see that most of the tokens I received by purchasing them.
1121 token I bought for their money, supported, as they say.
865 tokens earned by their labor. Unlike time-wasters on the taps, then I'm not regret to spend part of his time and help the company in development. You can see that you can actually earn a lot of tokens here.
Only 431 token referral bonus. Smaller part. Because I'm used to being rewarded for my efforts in the first place. And people will come to this project or not — I'm not very much floating, to be honest. I don't make millions on this, as you can see.
In General, if you decide to invest, I will receive 20% of your Deposit amount, and you will receive 10% of my link and 50% of the pre-sale bonus, which, I remind you, stops in 7 days. Total + 60% bonus!
By the way, who cares, I will gladly tell you where I sent the money generated referral programs, Takenga and Bitclub. I direct them to the development Fund of our public BitcoinBlog. People who have ever tried to develop their community, certainly know how expensive it is to attract at least 100 people to the group. Right people, and not bots. And in our public almost no people under 18 years (less than 2%), which is very easy and inexpensive to attract. We crossed the mark of 14 thousand people, which certainly pleases me. Frankly, the money is in the promotion of public I pour incomparably greater compared to the profit from reference. But I can afford it and enjoy the fact that I can share information and my thoughts with thousands of other people.
That's it! Tomorrow I publish a traditional monthly profit report to Bitclub, as always in the Industrial mining section. Godspeed!

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