The ORIS project.SPACE, without exaggeration, is comparable in scale with the advent of the Internet or blockchain technology. The basis of the project ORIS.SPACE is an intuitive prediction system-the ORIS mobile app, in which existing and well-known components are combined into a new configuration. The result is a unique method of access to the subconscious mind, which is used to create reliable, relevant and easily verified profiles of people.
All project participants can also take advantage of a number of other services, from forecasted exchanges and bookmakers to questions taken from everyday life. Funds raised through crowdsale will provide funding for the ORIS project.SPACE and will be stored in the smart contract reserve that controls the issuance of the ORGON token.
Brief and Appendix by ORIS
With the application ORIS you can: asking questions, receive forecasts for certain events; develop your intuition; learn about yourself new, passing psychological tests; answer questions from other users; take part in sociological research and earn money on it.

How the system works
The question is converted by the system into a graphical abstraction, thus broadcasting to other users of the project. Those, not knowing the most issue, and only looking on abstract encoded image of the and using own hunches, choose the possible options answer (until are available two options: “Yes-there is no” and “how many”).
At first glance, it may seem that these answers are random and, according to the laws of mathematics and probability theory, will strive for an equal ratio of 50/50 (“Yes-no” or “right-wrong”). However, our research has shown and continues to show that in most cases this ratio often exceeds 70/30, which clearly indicates the non-randomness of these answers and confirms the intuitive connection between the interrogator and the responder. In any case, the system algorithm discards any answers with a statistical rating below 64/36, thus ensuring the purity of the experiment and the reliability of the answers. The app itself is already available on Android and iOS.

What stages the project will go through
All the way of the project is formed in 4 concrete directed stages:

  1. Technical part for the development of an active mobile application based on Android and iOS.
  2. The connection of the project to the active chain blockchain-based Itanium, as well as work with the support of the ERC-20.
  3. Development and testing of the main network: creation of a stand-alone node and recording information in a block chain.
  4. The final implementation of the decentralized block system. Data accumulation, further development of the project.
    The ORIS project.SPACE has launched a bounty campaign, thanks to which you can earn ORGN, which at the end of the campaign bounty can be exchanged, it will need to perform tasks.
    Bounty-campaign platform ORIS.Space starts at 13.04 at 23:00 and lasts until 07.07.2018
    The Oris platform is the Foundation for a variety of Applications that require high-quality, impersonal user profiles.
    The website platform

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