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Review of ORIS.SPACE bounty, a campaign project

ORIS is a humanitarian pilot project aimed at further developing the human nature and improving the quality of social relations. We understand all development as continuous evolutionary progress and increased personal responsibility to society and Nature. The desire to progress — that is, to always become the best version of oneself — is an indispensable attribute of spiritual growth and civilization. Hidden, not fully studied the possibilities of man more than ever need to be updated. Effective methods of obtaining, preserving and multiplying knowledge is a sure sign of evolutionary growth. We talk about Intuition as one of the ways to obtain true Knowledge, and we believe that direct perception of Information is a reliable source of increasing the evolutionary baggage of Mankind. We study the Ecology of Consciousness — the science of peaceful and harmonious interaction of individuals in the General Information Space. The ORIS project is designed to create, strengthen and purify connections in a Single information field, in which each individual consciousness is inextricably linked with each other and forms a common Knowledge from disparate individual experiences. Social development is unthinkable without economic development. The means of payment is blood in the body of the economy, and the real health of the body is impossible without proper and unhindered circulation in the circulatory system. Issuing tokens Orgon is not a fad and not a technical imperative. We consider Orgon as a single, universal means of communication between the participants of the ORIS project.

Not so long ago, I talked about the Tokengo platform on this platform was launched bounty Oris project.Space

1 ORGN = 0.001 ETH
We are pleased to inform you that on April 13 at 23:00 a new bounty campaign will be launched on the TokenGo bounty platform.
The project is called THE Oris platform.Space. This will be a full-fledged bounty campaign, which will last for at least 80 days.
Almost all tasks in the usual format will be available.
This is another project that we are launching as part of testing and promoting the bounty platform TokenGo.
The payment of bounty campaign platform ORIS.Space will be credited tokens in the office by analogy with TokenGo.
Tokens can be withdrawn at the end of the ICO.
Bounty-campaign platform ORIS.Space starts on April 13 at 23: 00 and will last until the reserve is collected.

Oris.Space is there
The Oris platform is the Foundation for a variety of Applications that require high-quality, impersonal user profiles.
The website platform

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