A small overview of the bounty company TokenGo

Bounty from the project TokenGo
A little introduction to the TokenGo platform
It is based on blockchain that uses its own developments. They are all designed and coded from the ground up to improve speed and scalability. Any mobile or web application can access the blockchain functions through a Simple tokengo API.
TokenGo offers a common area with private offices and all systematic summary information for connected to connect to services and projects, and current procedures of the ICO.
The cryptocurrency exchange is an important part of The tokengo ecosystem. The flexible architecture allows you to integrate an unlimited number of currency pairs. Advanced page trading, simplified test of balance, intuitive ease of use interface, and synchronization with private offices. All this greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of income generation by users.
This bounty campaign will be held from 11.12.17 to 10.01.18

  • Start of TokenGo exchange
    — Tokens GoPower you can sell/buy on the exchange TokenGo and other available exchanges
    The official launch of the web platform and harvesting TokenGo fourth quarter of 2018
    The Bounty Program
    The Bounty program has allocated 20 million GPT (1 GPT = 0.00074571 ETH ). As a reward for participating in the bounty campaign, you get GoPower tokens. Tokens will be credited to the account in the personal account of the project immediately after the moderation of The tasks performed by you.
    All tasks are divided into categories. Each category has its own list of tasks
    The number of tasks is limited. Each task has its own price. All tasks are moderated.
    Each participant of the bounty campaign must be subscribed to the official Telegram channel of the TokenGo bounty campaign in order to receive timely news and urgent messages
    All articles, posts/reposts, tweets / retweets, comments, videos, etc.can be done in any language. The Cabinet is supported in 2 languages
    After registration of the authorization in the personal Cabinet, click the Bounty tab
    Open the task category
    To get started, you need to select the category and task you are interested in. After selecting a task, you can read its full description and see the cost of the execution

In the description at the top right You can see how many tasks are left to complete.
Below are the requirements for the task, the possible content, the type of bonus and the required fields for entering information for the task.
After all the necessary requirements are met, the task is sent to moderation
Moderation is carried out within 24 hours. After successful moderation, tokens will be credited to your account in Your personal account. You can see the total number of tokens in the block “bounty bonuses”.

In our opinion, TokenGo promising ICO, have all chances for success.
This is a construction platform that allows both others to carry out their ICO and create their own cryptocurrency without complex programming.
Make instant payments and transfers anywhere in the world.
Create professional certificates for accountants, health care providers, brokers, insurance agents, etc.
Excellent Bounty program that allows you to make good money for those who do not have money to buy cryptocurrency.
Join us and earn!
Project contacts:
The website - https://tokengoplatform.com
White paper - https://tokengoplatform.com/pdf/tokengo_whitepaper_RU.pdf
Telegram - https://t.me/tokengogroup
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokengoplatform/

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