The referral program from the marketplace NYIGDE?.


Calling people to participate in an incomprehensible for many activities is wrong. To begin with, you need to explain what a referral program is and why it is needed by the platform and users.

Referral program NYiGDE? is one of the ways of cooperation between the Parties (Company-User). How is this cooperation going on. Each User in the Personal Account receives a unique referral link (hereinafter r/l), through which he/she can invite all acquaintances to join the marketplace NYiGDE?. As soon as new users register on the platform for your account, we generate the bonuses. Thus, there are both sides in the "+": The user-referrer received promotion in the form of tokens, the company - new users-referrals.

According to the referral program of our company, all users (the Seller and the Buyer) receive bonuses and a number of other advantages. Just listing them is not enough, so get ready to read more:

Referral program NYiGDE?:
a) is an additional way of attracting users on the platform.

When registering, the User will be assigned an individual referral number, which is used in the referral link for calculating bonuses.

b) the source of receipt of NYIGDE tokens by the user.

The process of registering a new user, according to an already existing referral link, brings the owner of the same r/l bonuses, but exclusively in the form of NYIGDE tokens.
Involving a new online store on the platform NYiGDE? on r/l brings its owner bonuses (exclusively in NYIGDE tokens).

Helping other users to learn about the services of our marketplace. For the dissemination of information about NYiGDE?, Platform services, promotions, innovations, important events and other things, users receive tokens of the company.

Even without own positions for sale, each user can earn on sales of goods/services of other users. Helping to realize other people's goods/services on NYiGDE? You get a reward for it, but not from the platform, but from the seller, Who was the product was sold.

The marketing partnership will be implemented as follows: by forming the announcement on the platform, the Seller (Business Owner) pre-specifies a certain remuneration that is ready to be paid to the User for the sale of the placed commodity item. The remuneration should be presented as a percentage of the value of the declared goods/services. The price for a commodity position for the Buyer does not increase! The commission is paid by the Seller himself.

Advertising agents can see a list of products/services, for which a fee is displayed in the special section "Advertising program" on the platform. Clicking on the specified product or service, the agent user receives a unique account, which can be placed in any social network, on blogs, sites. When a user buys a product/service using this account, the agent automatically receives the seller's percentage of the sale.

To participate in the referral program from our company is definitely worth, and it's obvious. There are plenty of facts, the advantages are great, therefore to miss the channel for earning, especially in crypto assets - not quite the right decision. And Bounty-campaign, and a referral program from the marketplace NYiGDE? allow you to earn without personal investment. Follow us on the pages in social networks and join the chats:

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