How to participate in TSE. Instruction for crypto-users.


Most users consider buying a token of young companies as a way to earn money on conversion. But you can not buy tokens of the first project caught in the network, even if the price is too tempting, for not the fact that it will be successful, and you will get at least some profit.Hundreds of TSE-sites, someone louder, some quieter, shout about their individuality, but you need to find worthy attention. How to participate without the least risk - an exhaustive answer will not give a single resource, but we are not all, so let's try. The main guideline in choosing a blockchain-project is nothing else than:

** White Paper, Landing. Look at the white paper of the project, read it and try to penetrate. All documentation should be accurately framed, the figures are presented in tables, graphs and diagrams, and on the page of the Landing. Confirmed by references to the source of information indicates the reliability. In a prospective project, White Paper should be ideal, with a clear strategy, market analytics, demonstrating ready-to-use tools and describing further plans. The company is obliged to justify the actions, the reason for entering on TSE: the purpose, what are the problems and the very solution of the problems, including why you creates a token, to whom and for what purpose.

** Roadmap. Forecasts of the company: the reality of numbers and the prospect of development. Buy tokens without even having taken an interest about plans for the future the company - it is unreasonable, you will agree. In what direction will the tokenize project develop, what are the plans for the developers, what is the data in the Roadmap and how much the company wants to get as a result of the crowdsale (Σ min / max) for its product. Conduct a mini-analysis, and if you are worthy to observe an unreal ratio - run from there.

** Having not just an idea, but a ready-made platform. If the company has overcome a difficult and very tedious path - starting, building a functional and launching, then this is a huge indicator. Why? It's simple. Once the creators have invested in the development itself, have independently managed to prepare the soil, and with their help the seed has sprouted, then they will surely not surrender. The stakes are too high, and there is no other option, how to proceed with development! And if the project continues to live, successfully move and function - the demand for the token will be great and the holders of this token will receive the desired profit. Result: trust ready projects.

** Objectives. The token must have a destination, serve as the main instrument in the settlement system, be listed on the stock exchange, and the platform itself is able to eliminate global problems. For example, take: the expansion of online opportunities for business and the buyer; Operating not only with phiatic means, as in most cases, but also crypto-assets; the absence of gigantic commissions and so on. And if all this is allowed to be implemented globally, then do not even doubt that this token is doomed to success.The goal is not justified properly - say such a project "NO!". Think about it, why do you need a dummy...

** Openness. When the company is not afraid to show key players, to talk about the responsibility of each - this is another reason for trust. Pay attention to the support, if the company has experienced advisors.

** Crypto-exchange. The platform that allows to create tokens and convert, there are many, but really reliable too few, it is possible to count on the fingers of one hand. Be sure to consider on which crypto-exchange a token is created. It must undergo a series of security checks.If you have thoroughly mastered the information, absolutely clearly understand the essence - buy a token. What is needed for this? The process of buying a token is quite simple and takes away the nonsense of time. Create a crypto-purse, replenish the account and find the token by ID. Detailed instructions with the stages of creation you can always look at the pages of our platform.

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