Team member in NWP from IBM

Every Tuesday we will make NWP solution team member introduction.

Charlie Schick, PhD, is passionate about the intersection of healthcare, mobile, and data; particularly how we can improve the way healthcare organizations engage with customers, patients, and families through digital solutions.
Charlie is co-founder, NWP Solution, contributing in the growth and deployment of NWP Solution globally. He also founded and leads 777labs, a digital innovation and strategy consultancy helping clients grow their business and engage with their customers through digital solutions. He has over 25 years experience crafting and applying digital strategies to drive success in marketing, sales, solution design and development, and research. And he has been influential leading major brands, such as IBM, Nokia, and Boston Children’s Hospital, with innovative ways of engaging with customers through digital solutions.

During his career he has designed and launched web and mobile products; provided analytics, social media, and content strategy consulting; written numerous articles for online and print publications; published several biomedical research papers in leading journals; and co-authored a book on advanced phone systems. He has a graduate degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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