Quality of life.

The rapid development of information technology and microelectronics provides an opportunity for new companies to develop and offer the market their solutions for improving the quality of life of people around the world. The Internet of things, deep machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile communication with the ubiquitous coverage, open up new opportunities for people and society as a whole to more closely monitor their health, eat better products and monitor the state of the environment. We are accustomed to using such devices in everyday life: wearable electronics, smart clocks, indoor air humidifiers, lighting devices, and all of them can interact directly with your phone and with each other, coordinating the actions you set.


The quality of a person's life depends first of all on how he/she moves, what he uses for food, what air he breathes, what medicines he takes and the main condition of his body as a whole.

The company NWP Solution creates the world's first platform, which combines existing devices that help improve the quality of life:

— fitness bracelets and smart watches with heart rate sensors, oxygen saturation and motion pattern recording;
— individual devices for monitoring the state of the quality of products;
— devices for monitoring the environment in the premises;
— specialized laboratory devices, in case a person went to the hospital and took some tests;
— retrospective data on the state of the human body.

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