Free medicare — myth or reality. A glance from the future.

Hello, my name is John and I have a short story for you. It won’t take long.

It’s the year 2028 now, July.

Pharmaceutical companies are still trying to get more profit and are fighting for the patients’ personal data, whilst the patients are trying to keep it private.
Being a small platform based on the aged out system we had made a breakthrough researching 2o most vicious diseases of the contemporary era.

Diabetes, atherosclerosis and other sicknesses had become more well known due to massive testing and the data willingly provided by the volunteers from around the world.
We’d done our research based on two simple rules — transparency and loyalty between all the users of the platform.
Blockchain technology that is the basis of the system allowed us to implement transparent transactions and verify the data going through the platform.
By synchronizing the medical data from fitness trackers, EHR and various clinical researches with the NWP platform, we allowed the users to earn tokens as a reward which they can convert to any currency or even invest in their own health.
After analyzing the data using the artificial intelligence NWP solution platform offers all different kinds of reports to both worldwide and independent researchers all around the world. The anonymous data processing is happening only after the user agreed to it, for what he earns his reward.
Any user could use its tokens to acquire meds or clinical services.
People from the underdeveloped countries who didn’t have any access to a good health care received all possible resources and opportunities for that.
And that’s how we made the world more safe and healthier.
Sounds like a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it, haha?
But yeah, I’m still in the year 2018 yet we’re still going to turn this movie plot into reality.

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