Blockchain can change the face of Modern Medicine

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in various spheres of public life. Medicine is no exception, and the concept of decentralized systems will greatly contribute to improvements in healthcare.
Blockchain technology enables the optimization of systems related to processing medical data and its storage. Whilst databases will become distributed through decentralized systems, improvements in privacy, security and the speed of data processing are clear advantages related to Blockchain.
Blockchain technology will become the key method for dispersing medicine globally. Doctors and clinics from around the world can share important health information, including patient histories.
Blockchain can also significantly reduce overheads related to workflow at a state level, reducing the necessity for "paper records” in Health Institutions etc.
Blockchain also opens the door to “telemedicine”, improving the doctor’s time-management providing an alternative way for medical consultations between consultants and their patients. Patients living in sparsely populated and remote regions will have the opportunity to receive consultations specializing in specific health fields,. from consultants who are not normally attached to a district hospital,
The NWP Platform Solution designed a special bracelet to monitor infant’s health status by interacting medicine through the blockchain. The invention combines artificial intelligence and blockchain, and enables decentralized systems to interact effectively with healthcare anywhere in the world.

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