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Excalibur is associate software package designed for PCs and laptops. this could support application files from massive OSes like humanoid, Windows, Mac, iOS and UNIX. blade OS integrates a intrinsical virus protection and anti-theft system. the answer additionally offers a Mining Management System which will mine and manage user coins.
The purpose of blade OS
to change the approach the standard OS operates. Users can realize new ways in which to relish and share music, photos, videos and television recordings once and wherever they require no matter however or wherever it's hold on. blade OS offers users a lot of ways in which to access information and work profitably from any location together with creating it easier to attach to wireless networks. With blade OS, IT professionals have a lot of ways in which to assist their individuals get a lot of jobs – safer associated from a lot of locations – whereas still maintaining management over an progressively advanced computing setting.
This OS has associate integral infection assurance framework and against a stealing framework that offers shoppers the chance to possess additional infection-free involvement, associate data security framework. The framework additionally handles mining problems with associate exceptional Mining Administration Framework which will mine and handle your coins and incorporates a framework for ever-changing content wherever you'll be able to enter coins that have recently been affected by merely getting into their content. shoppers will mine coins with higher productivity thanks to their increased implementation mistreatment full instrumentality productivity.

How it works

Excalibur OS is clean and tidy, with a sleek interface that puts the tasks you'd prefer to notice right at your fingertips. you have plenty of management over where to put the things you utilize most often. Managing multiple screens is less complicated. which we've improved the search so as that you will notice the info you'd like quickly.

What makes this system unigue

Virus Attack & Hacker Protection: today pc costs area unit avoided as a results of the steel framework is written so as that there aren't any infections or programmers UN agency can attack the framework. a noteworthy highlight is maintaining a security framework with the aim that no technologist or infection can invade a typical pc’s work
User Interface: This framework is planned with a stunning UI, the UI is totally customizable and is supposed for Workstations and PCs. to create UI somewhat distinctive, we've used three different types of Framework Menu, if not said as Begin Menu, where purchasers can modification one in each of them. It put together has two kinds of Menu Sidebar to commend the framework. This framework is planned inside the fabric outline and inside the fat-free prepare that produces the OS fun. Logon and Boot area unit fully customizable. Virtual Truth is one in each of the foremost highlights projected for OS steel, an increase throughout this half has begun.
Artificial Intelligence: A framework that accompanies Worked In artificial reasoning. AI may be a sound based framework which is able to work with every the net and Non-Internet availability. AI will encourage purchasers to increase their net client conferences. The OS has numerous types of Security like Secret phrases, Sticks, samples of Bolts, Voice gap, and Face Bolt.
Security: The second most fascinating framework is steel underlying application notes from Google golem, Apple iOS, Apple Macintosh, Ubuntu OS, Microsoft Windows. This framework effectively executes each kind of records supported by the framework noted more than effortlessly.
experience Like never Before: steel is associate execution-based OS that develops a framework with new tools that management the outline of calculations, as a results of Kernal works to boost instrumentation execution. The procedure is monitored quickly and fruitfully.
Improve Hardware Performance: This framework is written inside the framework of Mining and body Exchange that helps in overseeing varied coins or tokens. It put together has content that changes instruments prefer to post varied coins for mining, with access to virtual cash transformations and exchange frameworks.

Why use os excalibur

� � very multi-arranged in procedures like conditions
�� completely non-convex I / O screens
�� String based coming up with
�� Unites the administration of data structure bits, reference bits, shopper references (handles), namespace, object synchronization, quality filling, cross-process sharing
��Integrated ACL-based security reference screen
�� Store settings square measure separated from the document framework

Token detail

Name of Token: Token whole
Heart: XOS
Peron: Ethereum
Typing: Utility
Total supply: four 000 000 000 XOS
Softcap 5 000 ETH
Hardcap 45,000 ETH
Token Sales: 03.09 - 30.12.2018
Purchases received: ETH
Price: one X OS = zero.000025 ETH
Minimum investment: zero.25 ETH
Country Bharat
Whitelist / KYC: KYC
Forbidden areas: U.S.A., Canada, D.P.R.K., China

Fund Allocation

The fund received are visiting be assigned inside the subsequent manner: time unit of the complete fund received are visiting be assigned for the event of name OS, twenty fifth are visiting be assigned for promoting and promotions, twenty fifth are visiting be assigned for fitting incubators, one thousandth are visiting be assigned as contingency funds, and one thousandth are visiting be assigned for technology validation and external reviews.

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