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ICO market is nowadays pretty similar to the Wild West during the gold rush period. It is possible to earn money very quickly, sometimes even good money, but you have to find a perfect spot, or in this case, a good project to invest. Common thing to the Wild West? No guaranties and almost no law. It is pretty easy to find bad cowboys which are going to promise you golden mountains to steal your last piece of bread. So in all this mess, if you want to find your gold nugget, you can trust just your own brain composites.

After my research, I found this project in which I really put my faith: SCAVO. Very likely you haven’t heard about them, project is made by great team members. Nevertheless, guys have an advantage, many other teams does not: already existing product made on a very perspective field. But these are not all pluses I found in this project. Below you can read the analysis and decide on your own, do you want to send some pennies to the pot.

Scavo technologies is an innovative blockchain company established in Argentina specialized in the construction of data center infrastructure for crypto-mining using renewable resources. It offers an intelligent, scalable, environmentally friendly solution with the ability to maximize energy resources with zero carbon footprint, natural and self-sufficient.

Thе рurроѕе of SCAVO iѕ thе construction of large-scale mining fаrmѕ. Tо dо thiѕ, they idеntifiеd thе mаin сhаllеngеѕ fасеd bу аnу lаrgе-ѕсаlе сrурtо-mining еntеrрriѕе аnd dеvеlореd a ѕоlutiоn mоdеl based оn the “Induѕtrу 4.0” concept.
Thе SCAVO аррrоасh rеѕultѕ in a mоdulаr ѕоlutiоn, whiсh mаkеѕ it еаѕilу ѕсаlаblе. It рrоduсеѕ itѕ оwn еlесtriсitу using rеnеwаblе energy ѕоurсеѕ, bесоming ѕеlf-ѕuѕtаinаblе аnd environmentally friеndlу. All this gоеѕ tо thе рrоfitаbilitу оf the project, guaranteeing реriоdiсаl payments tо invеѕtоrѕ in a соmрlеtеlу trаnѕраrеnt аnd automatic mаnnеr bу means оf smart-contracts.


At SCAVO Technologies, they firmly believe that investments in crypto sustainable mining are the most profitable option for long-term profits and that is why our proposal is to strengthen the link with investors through clear rules. SCAVO Technologies, besides of providing an intelligent solution to the problem of the generation and consumption of energy of the crypto mining farm, by reducing the cost of energy to its maximum expression, they make participation in the business more accessible and easier for anyone worldwide, regardless of their knowledge and wealth.
Their commitment to the SCAVO Community is such that it allows active participation in making important decisions that may affect the company, through the use of smart contract voting.

To reach the objectives proposed in our development, it was imperative to work on the concept of "Industry 4.0"; this is to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and automation of the possible processes for decision making. The guidelines that guide our proposal contemplate access to clean energy and at a very low cost, the use of industrial grade components for the manufacture and assembly of the different units that make up the crypto mining complex, energy efficiency and the necessary robustness to carry out the crypto mining process in the long term. This has allowed us to offer an intelligent solution to the problem of access to energy at competitive costs and thus contribute to the principle of decentralization as well as ease access to the use of technology to the general public.

At SCAVO Technologies they have developed different software/hardware components that automate several processes of the crypto mining complex. These components provide essential information in real time to the company's computing center for decision making, while these processes are fed back with their own and external information that will optimize and help predict certain behavior in the future more accurately.

SCAVO project aims at the construction and management of large-scale self-sustaining crypto-mining farms. The funds raised during the ICO will be mainly allocated to the construction of the mining farms and their power plants to fully supply their energy consumption. Once energy independence has been achieved, the income generated by the mining farms will cover all maintenance costs and regularly generate additional income.


Number of Issuance of Tokens - 200,000,000. Maximum. (Tokens not donated, will not be generated).

Value Token at issue - $1

Accepted forms of payment - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin-Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Decred, Bank transfer, credit cards.

Minimum investment amount - $ 25 (or equivalent in cryptocurrency)

Start ICO on - July, 2018 - 00:00:00

ICO is completed on - 31 October 2018 - 23:59:59

ICO time zone - GMT - 03: 00 (Argentina, Buenos Aires)

Token issuance date - November 1, 2018

Minimum Target - $ 500,000

Medium Target - $ 3,500,000

Maximum Target of $ 83,600,000

Token Distribution

88% for Token holders

8% for the General Reserve Fund

2% for prize and incentive programs

2% for founders and teams

Use of Proceeds

92% - hardware and electricity generation

8% - Administration, R & D, and Investment


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.

At SCAVO Technologies we have three simple principles we always follow. The work must be done as a team. The implementation of the solution must be easy to understand. The solutions must be accessible by the general public.

Using these three principles as a guide, we believe that even with the increasing difficulty of mining in general, regardless of the crypto currency to be mined, we can develop a profitable investment program for the market through the creation of mutually beneficial projects that are accessible to the general public, easy to understand and based on cutting-edge technology.

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