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Gemstra is the Future Influencer & KOL Economy Blockchain ecosystem that connects Businesses with Influencers & KOLs (key opinion leaders) directly, tokenizing the biggest gig economy of tomorrow.

Gemstra is a decentralized blockchain-integrated ecosystem which liberates today’s social selling economy, with the goal of building a technological protocol for social selling that opens the industry to everyone in retail. Our mission is to make social selling accessible and awesome for everyone. The Gemstra ecosystem will establish a commonwealth for social selling by providing a technology that fairly distributes power to the appropriate actors of the model.

Furthermore, with the use of ASTRA Platform and GEMS Token, Gemstra is constructing a token economic system with its own blockchain-integrated ecosystem. Gemstra intends to unlock social promoting to all the retail market with its token system.

Gemstra also provides a technological infrastructure with the Astra Platform; it goes to retailers and brands as a way to integrate and build their social selling channel. They give a leverage blockchain with knowledge placed within the fingers of sellers.

Providing this service would allow what in the Gemstra ecosystem are referred as “retailers” and types from the $24 trillion international retail economic system a way to affix social promoting.

With the open software supplied by Gemstra and an SDK, they will be able to combine them with the ASTRA platform, and use the GEMS Token as ASTRA’s default trade of worth.

This GEMS Token will be used for every move involved with payments. It would also be used for commission, rewards and, general governance of the ASTRA Platform.

The Problem

The main problem where social sellers are dominated by big giants in the market like Amway, Avon, Mary Kay etc. These merchants hold their seller’s captive by making it difficult as to transfer customer data, transaction data and network data. The sellers are not getting that much earning value as they are of capable.

Entry barriers are high, because this is limiting new merchants from entering the space. The systems for managing the tasks are very expensive and fragmented. The tasks mean to manage commissions, rewards, accounting, customer service, back office operations etc. There is lack of market entrants which reduces sellers’ options and opportunities. On the other side, sellers are not able to compete with the brands in the huge retail industry.

The Solution

The solution where Gemstra is come up with their idea to decentralizing the marketplace for social selling. They have launched their proof-of-concept social selling marketplace in July 2017 named Boutiques – gives sellers the ability to choose brands and products they want to sell and invites brands from the huge retail industry.

Gemstra is come up with the Blockchain based solution for Social Selling Industry by offering services to Merchants, Brands and Sellers. Astra platform is a blockchain ecosystem which allows sellers to keep customer and network data for which they work hard to generate, merchants to host transactions between multiple brands and sellers. At last brands is offering commission or rewards. GEMS token is used as a utility token to purchase products through any merchants.

How It Works?

Smart contracts power the social selling transaction. Merchants administer the platform by utilizing open source software or integrate existing platform with SDK.ASTRA can host single or multi-level affiliate, custom compensation, and gamification/rewards models depending on action endpoints defined within the contract. In fact, ASTRA can be used to host any affiliate, commission, or gamified reward model – so its application can be used beyond the scope of social selling.


ASTRA assigns a wallet to each actor in the social selling economy: Seller, Merchant, and Brand. Each Brand defines custom commission levels per Merchant that it partners with. Brands can define custom gamified rewards for Sellers engaged selling the Brand. The Seller participates in Merchants (can be one or many) based on the compensation plan and which Brands the Merchants carry.

The Seller wallet has governance over data generated by the Seller like customer information and customer transactions. The Merchant orchestrates all transactions between Seller and Brand wallets and acts as the intermediary (Note: BOUTIQUES is a merchant using ASTRA – the first customer). The Customer verifies to the Merchant that the transaction has completed, which approves the endpoint and completes the contract. ASTRA facilitates all transactions and logical flow through a set of smart contracts to govern: Commission, Orders, Users, Rewards, and Genealogy.


The default token that 250+ million influencers & KOLs will use to maintain freedom, earn more value, and grow their equity in the industry.

The GEMS Token (GEMS) is the default value of exchange in Gemstra’s ecosystem. GEMS can be used for any transaction in lieu of fiat on ASTRA Platform. The GEMS token facilitates reduced friction, gamification, and governance for the ASTRA Platform.

Valued at 10,000 GEMS : 1 ETH

Token Supply 2,000,000,000 GEMS
Team Pool 400,000,000 (20%)
4 Year Vesting with 1 Year Cliff

Advisor & Partners Pool 200,000,000 (10%)
6 Months Vesting

Growth Pool 600,000,000 (30%)
For businesses and brands

Sale Pool 800,000,000 (40% Total)
400,000,000 (20% Presale)
Private: 12 Months
Presale: 3 Months
Public: None, vest upon distribution

  • Unsold tokens will be burned
    GEMS Token Presale
    Hosted by Cobinhood : April 15 ~ June 30
    Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
    Event 15 Apr 2019 ~ 30 Jun 2019* | 20 Bonus Rounds
    Price 10,000 GEMS : 1 ETH | (1 GEMS : 0.0001 ETH)

Distribution of The Tokens

Sale: 40%

Project development and marketing: 30%

Project team: 20%

Bounty program and consultants: 10 %


Unique Team

The Gemstra team comprises of topnotch professionals in their domains. They have ambitious goals  which will enable them to set new standards for the Market. To achieve this goal a strong Team is built with all the necessary skills, talents and long-time experience needed for the project. Most of the team members on Gemstra have verified LinkedIn profiles. This is all good because the more transparency a company have in regard to their team, the more trustworthy they typically are.


Jay Cheng – CEO

He is a serial entrepreneur and has launched 2 internet companies – Baublebox and Jewelscent that reached 7-figure and 8-figure run rates respectively within few months of launch.

Joseph Lau – CoFounder

Joseph has worked with Jay for over 12 years. He led sales and business development at He led growth at JewelScent’s launch driving revenue to $1 million monthly within six months.

Kevin Gambil – COO

Kevin is a C-level executive turned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. Kevin worked initially for large public companies like Alcoa and Alcan, progressing from engineering to business management and operations, including C-level positions with multiple $300 million+ privately held companies. He has spent the last 15+ years managing a portfolio of companies he invested in, consulted with, or operated.

Gemstra mission is to make Influencer & KOL Commerce accessible and awesome for everyone.

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