Daddy`s new Girlfriend

Stepmom to be


  • where is it going wrong? it's often wrong to bring lost core families together in new constellations, it's a multitude of complicated reasons, as it may be difficult for professionals to find the rigth way.
  • Loss of kindness - Some new relationships begin in the best collaboration style, where both the new stepfather or mother shows great benevolence and spaciousness to the child and really wants the new relationship to work. You can find things that you did not think was possible to accommodate.
  • This is also where the placeholder shows that you wants to work together and make the most of the situation. The child is welcoming, curious, cooperative and really wants it to work. But over time, when everyday is reported, it can be hard to hide, even expressing its annoyance and frustration over the spirit's way of life.

Seeing the World from the Place of Children's Perspective To find the best interests of the child requires knowledge of children, the willingness to express the child's voice - and not least the ability to tame his own ideas about what is best for the child. Understanding your place child is the road to a good relationship to it. Understanding in this context is about empathy, compassion, presence, curiosity and sincere life. If you do not have such an understanding, the relationship becomes superficial, external or at best an artificial and constructed relationship. Understanding a placeholder is about being able to see things from their perspective. It's not enough that you can only remember emotions and moods, from the time you were small. In fact, you can not use it at all. It's more about getting your own children's subjective subjective statements about what they think and experiencing that you focus your attention on and increase the understanding of your children's experiences, experiences, and actions in their world.'

Is there a right and wrong way to do that? - It can be tough for all parts.

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