What I learned about the EDC Blockchain project and my acquaintance with it.

Part one.
The project in the arena of the crypto-currency world since 2015, not many projects can boast of such resistance, because during this period many have left, or simply went bankrupt. Here's another story, and now I'll tell you why.
What is https://blockchain.mn/ru? it is a multi-platform with many interesting features and capabilities. The project is fully ready and operates at 100 %.Buy coins project you can on the exchange. Among the advantages are fast transactions, low fees, a large list of exchanges. A great choice to start, because the web client interface will not leave you indifferent, everything is intuitive and easy to use.

See where this coin is traded on the website Coinmarketcap(link will be below), there you will find a list of exchanges, charts and other useful information about the project. I am sure that the prices will surprise you, anyone can join the project from a beginner to a veteran in cryptocurrencies, the entry threshold is not great, and this is an advantage over other projects, you do not need to have huge funds to start today.
With exchanges figured out what to do next? Create a wallet, you can do it here:
Be sure to save all passwords and your data. Do not share your passwords with anyone.!
After purchase, you can proceed to the most interesting, namely passive earnings. Transfer coins from the exchange to the wallet and go to the leasing tab and choose a plan.
We have 3 options available:
Hold for 3 months at 8% /month.
Hold for 6 months at 10%/month .
Hold for 12 months at 12%/month.

Recall, leasing from 100 coins, at the time of writing this is about 5300 Satoshi or 0.45 cents. Not bad? Your coins work, interest comes. As for me it is ideal for passive income.

Part two. Development of your own coin.
The project https://blockchain.mn/ru there is a chip that can be used by anyone who wants to create their own coin, do not need to have great knowledge and skills in programming, the project developers have already taken care of everything. It's very simple, in the online wallet there is a tab "coin costructor" go and see three different plans to create your own coin, for any budget and taste and purpose of use.

Part 3.Bonuses and maximum profit from the project.
What strategy to choose for the maximum profit from the project? It's very simple, if you are not strong in trading then the Leasing program for you, the percentage plans have been described above, this is the most calm and passive way to produce new coins, you do not need to worry about charts, price tags and other things, everything will do for you. But if you are good at trading, this is your chance, part of the profit can be sent to the Lease and be in double plus.
Also, from the latest news, you can participate in a win-win lottery!
It's very simple to register on the exchange IDAX verify your account and get a link to your e-mail to participate in the lottery which will take place in the period from 20-27 June!. The prizes are very interesting, namely

  1. MacBook PRO
    2.iPhone Max
    It is also noteworthy that the prizes can be obtained in the USDT.
    *Participants who have not won the prize in the lottery can receive the Sunshine Award, each user will receive 1 000 EDC .

More details here:https://blockchain.mn/special-edc-blockchain-promotion-on-idax-participate-to-win-a-macbook-pro/I wish good luck to everyone. I hope my Review will be useful for those who are interested in this project

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