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Hello dear friends! Today we will continue to consider an interesting project Toorcoin. Developers do not intend to sell tokens. Let's get started!

As everyone already knows, blockchain technology continues to make big changes in various sectors. The advantage of blockchain technology is that this technology cannot be hacked, as well as blockchain excludes the third party. Many different projects are launched on the blockchain and Toorcoin is no exception.

Let's move on to the project itself. The ToorCoin project is aimed at the tourism sector and is focused for many years. Its main purpose is to ease the complexity of travel for tourists and reduce their international costs, which they have to bear in connection with Bank commissions and the need to convert their national currencies. In addition to its own coin – toorcoin, the project also creates its own blockchain platform: toorister, on which their coins can be used. Toorcoin will provide payments on the Toorister platform. Tourister will be the site for tourists, which provide excellent Hiking trails and various travel guides of the best travel resources. The advantage of the platform is that it will be developed, including the addition of new information. The project developers strive to create a convenient platform for tourists, which will help them get rid of various troubles in the organization of their route.



The developers of the project decided to create a unique model of tokens, it is as follows. All Toorcoin users will be rewarded for holding Toorcoin. The longer one puts or keeps Toorcoin, the more he receives the award for significant contribution to the community. This is a very big advantage of this project over other projects on the blockchain. Each user who holds a Toorcoin in their ether wallet will automatically be eligible for a reward at the end of each week in proportion to their retention. The advantage of this whole process is that this mechanism is fully decentralized and automated, the whole process is handled by the Toorcoin contract itself. The developers have created an amazing and technological mechanism. And the most important thing is that this process is simple, because the ecosystem will work with only one token. The Toorcoin contract tracks the number of intervals the user has held Toorcoin, the interval is defined as 1 week, which is essentially the frequency of reward generation. The algorithm ensures that the rewards received are always proportional to the exact number of tokens that the user has held for a certain number of weeks. This remuneration system does not require any third parties. Today there are no such projects with such a reward system.



In my opinion, this project is very important and interesting. I liked the reward system for holding tokens in my wallet. This is really an innovative technology compared to other blockchain projects. It is also worth noting that the project is moving in the right direction, namely creating a large and strong community. This community will help in the future in the development of Toorcoin. I think it is worth paying attention to this project.

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