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Hello dear friends! Today we will talk about the new project MODULE. This project is a blockchain 4.0! Let's get started!

The cryptocurrency market is now somewhat ambiguous. A small group of people with large capital owns most of the mining power, which goes against the original idea that virtual currencies mean the beginning of an era of decentralization. As a result, the blockchain has now become centralized and has lost its potential, as well as its true value. The more a cryptocurrency is owned by one person, the more influence it has on the market, thereby contributing to inequality and deepening the gap between rich and poor. Miners that can invest significant sums, they have the advantage over the other and monopolizing profit. Therefore, the MODULE intends to revive the concept of true decentralized blockchain.

Let's move on to the project. MODULE is a new Japanese project, which is a blockchain created in order to use the available memory of a personal computer, as well as smartphones, servers, etc.for other members of the network. All users MODULE, will be able to participate in the mining process even from your mobile phone.

The developers have created their own algorithm, it will allow other users to rent free memory of mobile devices and receive rewards for it. The algorithm is based on three elements: location, transaction fact and time. Depending on the increase in size of the storage in the devices we can expect the emergence of new types of services on the basis of the MODULE. By the release of new coins, users will be able to develop decentralized applications on the MODULE platform, as well as new currencies. Thanks to their smartphones, you can receive a reward, the size of which will depend on the size of free memory, as well as the time of use and the type of transaction. By providing storage space for your data, you receive compensation.


The team will use its own token called MODL.




Another feature will be the fact that the MODULE is suitable for storing important information, as it can store pieces of information in a decentralized manner and with multiple duplication of components. Thus, the need to store sensitive information. By storing information in a distributed storage based on MODULE, you can improve data security through "secret distribution". In other words, if important information is fragmented and is in different places at the same time, it cannot be read, you must collect all the fragments to read the content. This blockchain-based method will be used to create secure distributed storage MODULE. Blockchain-based document encryption technology already exists, it works through encryption key management. The obstacle to using blockchain to work with important information was that the information on the blockchain should be decoded for the entire blockchain community. However, combining blockchain technology and secret data transfer technology, user can get a very safe and convenient solution. Thus, the blockchain can be used in various fields such as Finance, logistics, management of official documents, etc.




In conclusion, it is worth noting that the project offers an interesting idea of using smartphones to participate in the mining process. Smartphones today are used by most people around the world. The project will provide mining opportunities at no cost, which is great. I hope the team will succeed.

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