LaneAxis | Project Overview


Hello friends today we will consider a new project LaneAxis. LaneAxis is a cross-industry solution for organizations needing to track key movements in real-time.


LaneAxis is driving new efficiencies into the trucking and logistics industries by developing a transportation direct portal that connects Shippers and Carriers without the need for third party intermediaries.The ability for Shippers and Carriers to interact directly opens up a host of new efficiencies and possibilities. Shippers can now easily monitor all shipments in real-time, adjust geo-fence sizes, receive alerts when hitting milestones or problems, and get immediate proof of delivery right on your screen. As shipper-carrier relationships continue to flourish within the LaneAxis ecosystem, a vast network of shippers and carriers will be able to connect, transact, and simplify like never before.


LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management is built to connect Shippers directly to Carriers – bypassing expensive third parties such as freight brokers and Third Party Logistics companies (3PLs). The LaneAxis SaaS solution drives new efficiencies and levels of security into business operations, while giving both Shippers and Carriers the ability to track all freight movements in real time – delivering true visibility and proactive control over every shipment.

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LaneAxis owes its success largely to its diverse team of talent. Management possesses vision and depth of knowledge of the trucking and logistics industries, blockchain technology, finance, accounting, B2B and B2C marketing.


In the future, such projects will be in great demand. Economics and technology today face a big revolution. Therefore, I believe that this project has a chance of success.


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