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Hello dear friends! We'll talk about Datum. This project aims to become the dominant project in the data market, Datum aims to revolutionize the existing data market. Let's get started!

Datum allows anyone to store structured data in a decentralized form in the blockchain of smart contracts. The DAT smart token allows you to additionally buy and sell stored data while complying with the data usage rules set by the data owner.

The Datum Network will consist of 3 billion DAT tokens. Datum network is aimed at providing different organizations, companies or individuals with the most efficient and unhindered access to data.


Developers created a Datum client that gives users the ability to take control of all their data and possibly share or sell their data over the Datum network. The client base is developed for a large number of different platforms, including mobile and desktop.

At the first stage, the datum client will be offered as a mobile application for iOS and Android. Focusing on the following key development goals:

● Overview of stored data
● Overview of DAT token holdings
● Simple privacy controls
● Detailed data access reports
● Focused on end user adoption



Data consumers can request data. Ultimately, access to data is granted to individual users on the network. The credibility of the data consumers is an important aspect. As such data consumers should be motivated to build a trusted track record in data processing responsibly. Datum-the network attaches great importance to "know your customer". While there is an industry focus on " know your customer (e.g. you), there is hardly anything to protect the user's right to know their counterparty. Datum network fixes this by giving its users the ability to determine who is accessing their data.

Initially, the network Datum will rely on the buyers to check the data and regulating fraudulent or invalid data. However, the data validation mechanism can be implemented in the future, and Datum also plans to implement a trust ranking system for all users.

The project will use its own token. DAT is a utility token that can be exchanged for certain privileges on the Datum network. They participate in the data market and are registered as a storage node. The tokens exchanged for these activities must be destroyed as the DAT supply is fixed at issue the net effect of these activities is that the DAT supply will decrease over time (deflation). The DAT token facilitates transactions on the Datum network by providing the value of data on the network.

Storage nodes are economically stimulated by rewards For data Tokens paid as a fixed percentage of each transaction and shared storage nodes according to their contribution of resources.




In conclusion, it is worth noting. Datum is an interesting data storage project. The project was conducted by ICO last year. During this time, the project has progressed on the road map. The project tokens are already being traded on several major exchanges. More recently, the developers have redesigned the logo and website of the project. This tells us that this project continues to develop.

Website: https://datum.org
Whitepaper: https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf
Blog: https://blog.datum.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/datumnetwork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datumnetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/datumnetwork
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2049312.0

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