Why did I choose the Binary Option Floor? you?

For me, Forex, stock or Binary Options I like both. Each dish has different rules and tricks. But regardless of which side, Money Management and Mindset decide between 70-80% of the success of a trader.

I have experienced all 3 of these and are now stopping at Binary Options,

I simply like the rules of the game. Many listeners feel that the Binary Options are similar in nature to gambling, but I find it an opportunity. Therefore, although the document on Binary Options is not much, I spend a few months just to cover self-knowledge.

This is a difficult period for me because no one leads and I have to tighten my spending (do not put too much money right at the moment). And this period lasts 3 months.

It was the first step of my life when I came to Binary Options. How about you?

???? Recently, brothers have proposed,

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