BitSong ( BTSG ) – Specially Designed, Convenient Platform for Musicians and Users

The Platform

Bitsong is a platform or distributed network based on a chain of blocks that provides excellent music streaming services easily accessible, which exclude rules, filters, censorship and advertising. To achieve this, Bitsong uses block chain technology. BitSong is a new music platform created using the Ethereum chain of blocks and the IPFS distributed file system. BitSong is a project dedicated to musicians and listeners and solves one of the major problems associated with the world of music. Problems that musicians know very well. On the BitSong platform, advertisers can attach ads and create songs that users can receive from the any device. For each ad heard, artists and listeners will receive 90% of the profits invested by advertisers. You can also receive donations from fans of your next album. Our goal is to be present in every car equipped with a smart Chromecast TV, a smartphone application store, a web interface and software, a smart radio

The BitSong marker (symbol: BTSG) is used as a platform, sponsorship, donation, currency purchase and used to vote. With the Ethereum blockchain system, the community is compensated quickly and safely, eliminating unpleasant problems and delays in currency

BitSong is a blockchain-based platform that aimed to bring revolution to the music industry by disrupting the outdated system and resolve all the challenges facing the industry and build a better platform which will make the ego of music industry come back to alive. BitSong is creating a better musical framework which will make production of music beat and promotion of music become easier.


Creating beat for your music is not easy, so the third party (DJ) that creates beats do charge musicians. Many upcoming artists could not afford to pay for a beats that suit that music type. This challenges has pulled many talented artists back to square one.

In the current music industry, producers are even benefitting from most from a song. They usually take more percentage just to help an artists promote his songs. This has make artists go home less or empty without any tangible share of his talent.
Another challenges is issue of copyright regulation. The rules has denied many song writers from accessing the content of the song they wrote by themselves. The copyright regulation is bias at time.

In summary of the challenges facing the industry, musicians or artists has not enjoy the full reward of their talent and hard working of their hands due to the mode of system at which the industry operate.

All these challenges are what Bitsong will solve through their blockchain based framework.

BitSong will create a decentralized music industry platform where individual artists will have access and control over their songs. The platform Bitsong is creating will give room for artists chance to create their own musical beat by themselves without paying any third party or DJs. All these will be posible because BitSong platform is build on Ethereum protocol and IPFS distributed file which has the features to disrupt the outdated system of the industry.


As an artists and listeners, we are all going to benefit from this BitSong project. The project is eliminate the issue of thirty party or producers which usually enjoy most percentage of our talent. The charges of production fee will be less and everyone will have access and control over the content of its song.
As a listeners, there will be a reward for advertising a song through the BitSong platform.
Issues to be considered by BitSong

Each major project is aimed at solving a unique problem that Viton does not release. The Vito team analyzes the current industry and finds problems that limit real growth. After producing and selling music, local distributors in developing countries face major problems in most cases due to low compensation, low incentives, high degree of illegal copying and lack of effective legal services

People today download or broadcast music based on the quality of SD, HD, etc. The higher the quality, the bigger the size, the faster and more efficient the Internet resources are. However, as a result of the survey, in most countries with a low level of development, Internet speed will correspond to low quality music, such as SD, which consumes less data.

The purpose of the crampon to reach (solve)

Proxy music and online streaming service. This will be bypassed by all restrictions and censorship. The platform operates using a peer-to-peer music exchange network, allowing content owners and music producers to freely share music, and thus music is rewarded by community members. Users who want to watch this music video and search for creators and reward them will use the Begin marker, which is provided free to developers. The prizes awarded to the creators depend exclusively on the quality of the music video and the quality of the streaming. In all cases, transparency, confidentiality and flexibility are guaranteed. On the other hand, with the use of block chain technology, the video exchange service is implemented through a proxy and the user can access the favorite contents without limitation. Using block-chain technology, Biton becomes a distributed platform and can easily connect to the Biton platform anytime, anywhere and at any time

The uniqueness of BitSong

As a block-based platform, Bitsong guarantees the optimal confidentiality of information owned by content creators and users. The cost associated with the miniaturization of the platform is low and friendly. This is due to the fact that content creators freely share music and community members have access to these music videos at a lower price. Because there is no advertising for any source, users can transfer video without interference. On the bitSong platform, since the content owner is the owner of the content, he has the right to set the price.

The BitSong token or known as (BTSG) is the currency of BitSong. This can be utilized for amass the donation or sponsorship, or different things that can enable BitSong to very much created.

PRE-ICO 05/21/2018
Bonus: 30%
Duration: 7 days
Hard Cap BTSG: 15,000,000
PUBLIC SALE: 05/28/2018
Bonus: 20%
Duration: 14 days
Hard Cap BTSG: 10,000,000
Symbol: BTSG
Initial Value: 0.062 $ = 1 BTSG
Type: ERC20



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