VENA.NETWORK - New Generation Credit System

 Even though banks seem to help people in today's life, the only thing they aim for is nothing more than earning more money. They're doing their ads and public relations work so convincingly that most of us believe in their treacherous plan and we have to comprehend it after a while. Account operation fees, remittance and EFT fees, annual account and card fees, the daily interest of current debts, such as many different deductions from us and sometimes can be really ruthless. Unfortunately, the crypto money world doesn't yet know many people and they've to realize even the smallest transactions by paying high interest and transaction fees. In the near future, when the world of crypto money begins to be understood and used regularly by everyone in the world, a large part of global capital will begin to be provided by crypto technologies which will put end to the systems of the old type. The Vena.Network project is working hard to implement these solutions and to stop people from being deceived. 

  The node is the key component of the Vena Network plan. The Vena node is able to consist of a grouping of two roles, also a particular role or, or enclose all types of service providers from market antagonism. It permits for an open harmony for asset financing and tokenization asset financing all the way through rocket accord. The network gives permission anybody to perform anytime in peer-to-peer OTC digital asset management and dealings wherever.

The specialized node has to contain every the experience of the loan process in the region where it works. The agreement must stand for by everyone the regulations and laws of the exacting region.

Vena Network supplies important benefits for users and Vena nodes. Every the digital poverty of the users are stock up openly in their wallets if locked or not in use in smart contracts when it comes to security with an agreement. Vena procedure employs financial motivation such as fee return for diverse roles from dissimilar market antagonism in Vena ecology to give users with exact real credit data, lending, trading, market data, real credit data, and digital assets sharing, transparent, and management services with a protected manner. 

 Vena.Network can be called as a block-based lending platform in the shortest sense. Vena.Network, which continues it's efforts to give credit to its users based on certain criteria with blockchain technology, is carefully constructed by it's technical and marketing team and continues its path with confident steps. In order to integrate the said blockchain based lending system into a regular auto-control process, a number of intelligent contracts will be used to work on the Ethereum infrastructure, which means that there is no need for anybody as an intermediary. These smart contracts which we mention, will continue to work on the basis of confidentiality, security and speed without any additional charge and will determine the users who are eligible for credit through a completely objective approach. 


Offline Transaction

The offline transaction concurs on time, location, volume, and price of the transaction by software, such as Telegram, Facebook, QQ, WeChat etc. The transaction is done without the participation of any third party. This method is appropriate to the local deal with high safety. 


  • Vena.Network ICO and VENA Token:

Token Name: Vena.Network Token
Token Symbol: VENA
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 VENA
Available for Sale: 300,000,000 VENA
Token Price: 1 VENA = 0.0001 ETH
Hardcap: 9,000 ETH 

 Road Map:

 Team Members 






Vena Network is a creative plan ongoing in the fourth quarter of 2018. The developers have huge ideas for it, exactness their tactics over the next year. Vena Network is advance in their product very quick with the support of a well-built blockchain team developer. Vena network is a very sensible platform the administrator node has finished security loan for miners. 

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