What Is Vena Network? 


Vena Protocol Network is a dependent protocol where you can exchange and get the tokenized advantage of financing. Everyone can procedure P2P cryptocurrency OTC trading and security lending anywhere and anytime by enabling exchange without charge trade between fiat currency and cryptocurrency. It is the extremely basic structure to enable users to write an agreement to describe rules for a sequence of decentralized financial actions including issuance benefit, digital assets sharing trading, lending, etc.

The Vena procedure provides the security for fundamental interfaces can be freely defined and provides a standard smart contract different kinds of records including collateral loan, transaction contracts, credit, and debt contracts debt financing to help the users to make collective financial Decentralized Applications expediently, safely, and quickly. 

 As you know, when you use credit from any standard bank you will be able to do many formalities. Naturally, it is also quite difficult to complete them and it's also a long time job. In addition, when banks apply for loans, they demand all personal information about you, which is against the human rights law. Suppose you are eligible for credit and the transactions have been completed successfully. They automatically deduct a certain portion of the loan amount you apply from your account as unpaid credit processing fees. So your money has even decreased a little before you get it yet! You will then be charged for other charges, such as various taxes, many interest rates and each month when you pay your credit installment. As a result, this situation doesn't end well for anyone but banks are already working to make use of people's despair and this system is a form of fraud. In the near future, Vena.Network has begun to work with realistic targets in order to establish a system that doesn't lead to time and material loss in this way. 


Verify the hierarchy

To ensure the security of transactions, users must complete authentication before using the Network Vena. System KYC / AML traditional store identification data for users on a centralized server, which leads to the risk of leakage of user privacy seriously and it has exacerbated inequalities between user and service provider. We will return the ownership of user data on the Network Vena for users. To accomplish this purpose, we have designed a set of authentication protocols decentralized network Vena. Users can register, request, submit certification and data management security and lock their a safely on the Net Vena. 

OTC Exchange

The OTC Exchange platforms are such as huobi, otcbtc, Localbitcoins etc offer the cryptocurrency service to the fiat currency deal foundation on C2C mode. It is a protected Exchange mode like as Taobao and eBay. The cryptocurrency seller can transfer a fixed amount of cryptocurrency to the address supplied by the business policy. The buyer has to make an order for buying and the fiat currency must be transportable to the account chosen by the retailer. 


Vena Roadmap: 


Vena Network Core Consultants and Team

 Clearly such a transparent, fair, reliable and credible lending system is now not available anywhere in the world, creating an enormous need and expectation for individual or institutional-based individuals. I hope Vena.Network successfully completes the ICO process in spite of this bad situation of the crypto market and thanks to the financing it has achieved, it will realize this perfect project in a short time. 


  • Vena.Network ICO and VENA Token:

Token Name: Vena.Network Token
Token Symbol: VENA
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 VENA
Available for Sale: 300,000,000 VENA
Token Price: 1 VENA = 0.0001 ETH
Hardcap: 9,000 ETH 

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