The Product: Resto Wallet App

Today we’ll talk about the playing field for Resto participants and users to interact within the Resto Loyalty Space. Just imagine — in the near future you may just open the one and only app to get all the most personalized offers for eating out near you.

Resto Wallet in simple words is a user-friendly app for the Resto Loyalty Platform.

The app allows users to access all the services of Resto Loyalty Platform. Here one can get bonus RestoTokens from partner companies, can acquire tokens or even transfer them to other RLP users. The app gives references and recommendations for restaurant choices by applying a geolocation and rating system.


To recharge their Resto Wallet balance, users can exchange a cryptocurrency or use a fiat currency to get RestoTokens. RestoTokens are used for all transactions to reduce transaction expenses. RestoTokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Conventional loyalty program apps are often awkward and poorly adapted for use. Resto Wallet takes advantage of the QR-code function to make transactions more user-friendly than ever before. Each foodservice operator generates unique QR codes that can be scanned with the app and deliver transactions to the Resto CRM or any other foodservice POS system immediately. The user receives a QR code with his order payment and has 24 hours to scan it with the Resto Wallet app (in case he has no device with the app on hand). Bonus RestoTokens are accrued to the user account just a few minutes after the QR-code is scanned.


Resto Wallet is based on the Ethereum platform blockchain technology. Since transactions are verified by the Ethereum network, Resto Loyalty Platform can guarantee transaction security accordingly without any intermediums or centralized server engagement. The blockchain technology is safe and decentralized, providing transparency of transactions. Each complete transaction can be viewed in Etherscan by the user at any time. Therefore using RLP both Guests and foodservice operators are protected under mutual supervision that makes fraud from both sides impossible.

The Resto Wallet app is available for both Android and IOS. To sign in, new Resto Wallet users can create their personal account in the app through the web-portal or by loading the app on their mobile.

Sound great, isn’t it? Then, let us make our future more comfortable together! Join Resto & follow our stories.



Thus, Resto is a decentralized platform for catering businesses. With Resto, it is easy to implement loyalty programs, create a CRM database and develop an effective marketing policy. A 24-hour support service and user-friendly interface will ensure a comfortable work with Resto. The project was launched at the end of 2017. In 2019, the project creators will release the platform’s beta version and Resto Wallet application. The full version of the platform will be released by the end of 2020, accompanied by the opening of large offices in Indonesia, Japan and India. 




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