Review of BUDDY Ico - It's decentralized Application Development Automation

|| Introduce for Buddy Ico

Hi good day i am going to talk about great promising project in this year. Have you already heard about Buddy project? If no, I am glad to present it to you today. But first of all, let me ask you one question. Are you familiar with Photoshop program? If yes, have you ever used “actions”? Whenever we use actions in Photoshop, we don’t waste our time repeating the same steps to achieve an effect, instead we press the button of needed action and it automatically performs prerecorded commands. That makes our life simpler and saves our time. Buddy project have similar actions for software developers and much more.

The project is leading platform for development automation (DevOps). The automation market is growing rapidly, its turnover will reach $345 billion by 2022. The purpose of Buddy is to make life easier for other software developers by automating all the routine tasks. This will give programmers the opportunity to realize their creative potential and allow them to focus on ideas that can turn the world around.

Buddy is a platform for development and deployment automation. It facilitates the DevOps adoption and has an open ecosystem, supporting all codes. It includes 4 main compounds: pipelines (automated software production line), sandboxes (automated disposable test and preview), version control and integrations with many scopes.

|| What are the examples of the automated actions?

For example, DevOps action allows the user to launch Buddy saving user’s results to a pipeline file system. Or copyright protection action adds an invisible watermark to your images. But everyone can submit own actions to the platform.

|| What are the solutions for business and project benefits,

DevOps Marketplace (market of actions arranged into pipelines)

Private Automation GRID (a network of private Buddy instances)

Shared Automation GRID (tasks to run by users with available resources)

**Buddy developers plan to become leaders in the field of development automation for the following reasons:

Their product can significantly reduce the development time and successfully solves the tasks assigned to it;

In the presence of independent platform version for businesses called Enterprise Buddy, which is possible at any moment to start development;

Support for giant companies such as Google, GitHub, Docker, Microsoft and Amazon;

The presence of a proven "in the field" team of 16 developers who have been working and investing together for many years.

Many companies run thousands of tests every day. It is very difficult to plan the work of automation programs, because to speed up the development requires several tests at the same time. In addition, the programs are very expensive and require round-the-clock support.

|| Ico details and ditribution of the tokens

It is planned to sell no more than 470 million tokens of standard erc20 BUD at the price of 1 BUD for 0.0002 ETH. This is 60% of the total issue of tokens. Sale will cease to achieve the hardcap 60 000 ETH.

The ICO will be divided into several two-week stages. Depending on the time of purchase, buyers will receive a certain bonus token:

1-14 August-the first stage, which will sell 62.5 million BUD with a bonus of 25%;

15-29 August-the second stage, will sell 60 million BUD, the bonus will be 20%;

August 30-September 13-the third stage, it is planned to sell 57.5 million tokens, bonus 15%;

14-29 September-will pass the fourth phase, will sell 55 million BUD c bonus 10%;

September 30-October 14-the fifth stage, 52.5 million BUD with a bonus of 5%;

October 15-October 29-the final stage, where 50 million tokens will be sold without a bonus.

Tokens will be distributed as follows: 60% will be sold, 20% will be taken by the team, 15% will be given to the reserve, 4% will go to the bounty campaign, advisers and lawyers, 1% - on Airdrop

|| Project Roadmap

Development of the platform began in the third quarter of 2016. Since then, a version of the platform for enterprises has been launched, which received regular updates. After the ICO, the development of the BlockchainOps module will be completed at the end of 2018. The following modules are planned to be developed and launched in 2019: Private Automation GRID, DevOps Marketplace, Distributed blockchain, dAppOS and Shared Automation GRID.

|| Team members

|| Tokensale Experts

|| Partners

|| Project conclusion

Buddy have already managed to enlist the support of world-famous companies. The launched module for enterprises also speaks in his favor. If we add to this the experience of a close-knit team, we get a promising project, which investors will certainly be interested in. ICO starts in August, so that investors will still have time to buy the coins of the platform with a bonus of 25%.

|| More information about the project,










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