EthicHub ICO Review

Ethic Hub is an investment platform that universalizes access to highly profitable positive impact projects, by
directly connecting investors to projects rated by risk level. Evaluation is carried out by people in contact with
borrowers, profiting only from on-time loan payments.
At the same time, Ethic Hub is a global crowdlending platform that enables access to groups of small
producers from developing countries to lower rate loans than the ones now available to them, benefiting
both parties from this exchange.
Regulatory barriers have so far hindered the development of transnational crowdlending platforms; a
decentralized system (DAO) operated through cryptocurrency, will facilitate global transactions between
investors and borrowers.
Crowdlending platforms grow over 100% annually thanks to their disintermediation of financial sector, directly
connecting savers and borrowers. Blockchain allows for a new level of crowdlending development,
improving its security and transparency, thus enabling transactions between strangers.
We are quite aware of the enormous responsibility we acquire by choosing this name for our project because
it represents our declaration of intentions: We humbly make the commitment to strive every day to improve
as individuals, as human beings, and to promote the adoption of collective values that improve our
We are convinced ethic’s main values: justice, responsibility, integrity, respect, honesty, equity, are the basis
of constructive relationships.
Our goal is to prove that compliance with these values generates material benefits too, by aknowledging
reputation and trust as an asset.

How the platform works.
We adopted the Ethereum decentralized network ecosystem to further develop an already solid and
well-known system which supports complex SmartContracts, capable of handling all of the required
information to sustain agreements between investors and borrowers as well as pre-determined variables
of a loan’s duration, interest rates and repayment date, among many others. SmartContracts guarantee
established conditions can not be altered later.
Tokens facilitate the transfer of currency , minimizing overhead costs and simplying the system: the Ethic
Hub associated Exchange will convert tokens from borrower’s Wallet to their local currency. When this
local currency is used to pay back the loan, the Exchange will convert it again to tokens before
transferring them to corresponding investors Wallets.


The Advantage of EthicHub

Opportunity to invest in profitable agricultural projects selected in person by a Local Node, and that aren’t accessible via the traditional banking and investment markets.

Democratize Finances

Universalized access to credit and to the best possible investment opportunities.

Re-assess Reputation

Trust and reputation transformed into assets through the rating of repayment and success records of both, the Borrower and Local Node.

Humanize Finances

Efficiency and transparency improvement. Eliminating intermediaries and proposing to invest only in projects with a positive impact and high profitability.

1 Investment product.
1.1 Private investment.
Access to a portfolio of investment opportunities in previously evaluated developing countries,
allowing diversified small tickets to be invested in different loans, thus achieving a great balance
between profitability and risk no other platforms can match. Investor’s use of the platform fee (Ethics
Partner’s and LendingDev’s commission) in only paid if profits were generated by his/her investment
1.2 Institutional investment.
Access to a new type of asset to diversify your investments, with an attractive return product and high
liquidity. Investor’s use of the platform fee (Ethics Partner’s and LendingDev’s comission) is only paid if
profits were generated by his/her investment (Only-in-Success-Fee).
1.3 New investors referrals:
An investor who is already an user at Ethic Hub, will receive an economic incentive for each new
investor they refer to the platform, benefiting from their successful investments and thus motivating
them to share their satisfactory user experience.
2 Financing product.
Borrowers. Access to the best interest rates available. In addition, we help to build an online reputation
and credit history for our users; facilitating their access to credit from other suppliers and even improve
other business relationships.
3 New jobs Generation
Access for Local Nodes to a new form of self-employment where they can help their community while
earning a lucrative merit-based income.
4 DataMining services for Business.
Past the initial stage, the database generated through operation will allow many companies, banks,
financial institutions, service providers, e-commerce, etc. to increase their client base and to foment their own knowledge of their needs (previously consulting this users, which would also benefit
economically from these agreements).
5 Insurance marketing
Insurers and even individuals aligned to Ethic Hub philosophy may offer default and exchange rate
assurance services to investors.


Concept development and validation, Team and advisors selection, Whitepaper and platform’s initial


LandingPage, prototyping, community building and seed funding.


First EthicPartners selection and training. Selection of the first projects to be financed with funds obtained in
the Pre-Sale to generate Borrowers’ first ratings. Drafting first Local Nodes Training Manual. Development of
platform’s first functional version.

/ MARCH - MAY 2018 /

First loans repayment and borrowers, Local Nodes and system’s first rating.
Ethic Hub 1.0 version public release and first projects financed P2P.
1st. TokeSale preliminaries.

/ JUNE 2018 /

1st. TokenSale backed with working product and profitability-level experience for the investor.

/ FROM JUNE 2018 /

Developments not included in version 1.0. Diversify to other agricultural products. Open second country.

/ JUNE 2019 /

2nd. TokenSale to start global expansion.

/ DECEMBER 2019 /

Implementation of Ethix as payment method in the platform.

/ JUNE 2020 /

3rd. TokenSale to continue scaling.

/ DECEMBER 2020 /

Implementation of decentralized governance.


A solid team of entrepreneurs with experience in their respective areas: business management, innovation
and entrepreneurship, financial intermediation, technological development and marketing.

  • Jori Armbruster / Leadership Node. University Degree in Marketing. Master Degree in Innovation and
    Enterpreneurship. CEO Experience in Thisa, B2B distribution company in Spain with over 100
    salespoints. email / linkedin

  • Pablo Chang / Projects Node. Industrial Mechanical Engineer. Founder and CEO of Satori Koan,
    financial entity in Mexico specialized in intermediating credit to agricultural sector with a volume of
    over 10 million euro and more than 8,000 borrowers. email / linkedin

  • Raúl Martínez / Technology Node. Electronics Industrial Engineer, software developer, entrepreneur. U-
    tad Associate Professor on Mobile Platforms. CTO, Lead developer and Co-Founder of BarSpace, an
    app to discover all events at bars and pubs in London. R&D Software engineer at Samsung
    Electronics. Mobile platforms developer email / linkedin / github

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