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Today, one of the few methods to ensure that financial heritage can have lasting influence is to prepare trust funds, a particular type of legal agreement that gives trusted third parties the right to hold and spend assets in the interests of settlor trusts. Eternal Trusts combine hybrid intelligence and smart contracts to make the traditional trusteeship model obsolete and provide an alternative, decentralized financial means to make a lasting impact. The “timeless” ET wallet is built on the blockchain and can operate for centuries, turning to expert voting when needed to find the best providers who can carry out the goals set by the owners.

About Eternal Trusts

We believe that the hopes of those who live today cannot be lost and forgotten: it is essential to maintain the financial, intellectual, and biological heritage of the current generation and make it necessary in the long run. Today, one method of ensuring that one’s inheritance can have lasting influence is to prepare trust funds, a particular type of legal agreement that provides trusted third parties with the right to hold and spend assets for the benefit of settlor trust. Although not as willed, trust funds make it possible to protect assets from third-party claims and avoid probation, their list system is currently unable to combine digital assets such as cryptocurrency and tokens, management costs are not affordable for most people, and expert networks limited collaboration with Supervisors limit many potential goals.

Eternal Trusts combine hybrid intelligence technology with smart contracts to make traditional and fiduciary trust funds as part of the past. ET is a decentralized and autonomous financial facility that can produce long-term impacts following your futuristic scenario. Blockchain’s “eternal wallet” based in ET can operate for centuries, turning to hybrid intelligence supported by experts to find the best providers capable of carrying out the big goals set by settlements, whether it supports several generations of their offspring financially, contributes against global charity causes, or even prolong their lives by preserving their biomaterials for the long term.

This platform attracts and gives incentives to many groups of experts, organizations, and AI Algorithms who are responsible for continuously dismantling the long-term goals of settlers into smaller parts and finding the most reliable providers who can solve them in a way that optimal. Also, when the intention of Settlor becomes feasible, there must be excess funds in management to buy every component needed. The platform provides a mechanism that maximizes the chances of growth of settlor crypto assets, which are managed according to the most reliable long-term. Term strategy, resulting in returns from investments in traditional token asset classes.

One of the essential goals of Eternal Trusts is to become a central center that stores and guarantees the fulfillment of expectations and ideas of life generations that cannot be achieved at this time but can become so in the future. The journey to achieving this goal was spearheaded by a team of leading experts in the formation of a hybrid trust fund, asset, and intelligence management who have decades of experience in their respective fields.

Token Sales

Token Eternal Trusts are available for potential platform users since March 22, 2018.
Token Eternal Trusts are currently based on the Ethereum-based ERC-20 protocol, which is considered an industry standard. However, there are plans to switch to the based-NEO NEP5 protocol, which provides a better set of features for hybrid, autonomous and multi-chain systems such as Eternal Trusts.

Eternal Trusts Token core functions:

  1. Token Eternal Trusts are utility tokens that allow transactions during all stages of the Goal Execution Path.
  2. Infrastructure We are well positioned to be a platform like Kickstarter to launch products and services that are currently not needed by our clients. We aim to facilitate fundraising activities for suitable projects.
  3. Successful projects that raise funds on our infrastructure platform will be allowed to sell their services for Token Eternal Trusts as well.
  4. The Eternal Trust will pay for products, goods, and services, which are needed for our clients in ET tokens.

The uniqueness of our tokens is not limited to internal payment functions for our platform, nor is their ability to be smartly contracted to program future offers or its strength to unlock innovation and service development value. ETT tokens will facilitate scientific progress in the direction that is needed by our customers and through their high commercial potential.
Those who want to convey the purpose of their Trust to our blockchain through smart contracts that are executed automatically have to pay with tokens to publish their destinations on our platform, after which they will continue to search for the most suitable providers.

The purpose of Token Eternal Trusts

Store client’s long-term goals on the blockchain, implement autonomy they use smart contracts and Hybrid Intelligence, and automatic search from optimal service providers to serve clients’ goals.


Presale begins on March 22, 2018, and ends on May 30, 2018


Token Sales
Token sales begin on June 1, 2018, and end on October 1, 2018



  • April 2018
    Blockchain architecture design & global smart contract (complete)
  • May 2018
    The public launch of Ethereum based data storage MVP applications. MVP contains a personal profile for clients and providers, destination termination mechanisms, and user registration logic (complete)
  • June 2018
    Distributed Oracles System is added to MVP
  • July 2018
    Integration with other blockchain and autonomous file systems is added
  • August 2018
    The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) was launched
  • October 2018
    More than one hundred experts are registered as Oracles on the platform
  • December 2018
    Start the integration of AI as Oracles in the scope of «Purpose Execution Flow»
  • February 2019
    AI’s main integration into the Oracle system is distributed in the «Goal Implementation Path»
  • April 2019
    Started the development of ETT-based crowdfunding platforms for R & D initiatives that could include components from «Provider waiting loops»
  • June 2019
    The launch of the first batch of crowdfunding campaigns based on the smart contract ecosystem of Eternal Trusts

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