Crypto-currency has the capability of improving and enriching the world and create gainful opportunities, but all this are hindered by great numbers of setbacks.

Some of this setbacks are.

The use of crypto-currency is very serious and not easy to use.


It is not easy changing crypto-currencies to fiats or edicts.


Crypto-currency token is yet to be a widely accepted medium of exchange.


Alfa Enzo is a completely built fifth generation social marketplace created to merge a personalized social network and it is designed on a proof of activity and multi-chain system that enables anyone to earn money as a result of time spent on the network...

The system is created with the capability of attending to every customers and marketer's need around the world.

Alfa Enzo is created to rectify the major setbacks in the crypto-currency market.

They plan to solve these problems faced in the crypto-currency market by creating the EON, a multiple and fast blockchain platform which rewards users for engaging in the network.

The platform plans to leverage the network effect in order to ensure the mass adoption of crypto-currency within the shortest range of time.

They also ensure security and give customers special and gainful services.


The Alza Enzon Team Are;

  • Tony Tran (Founder and Blockchain Architect)
  • Quyen Phan (Chief Operations Officer)
  • James Dron (Vice President, Product)
  • Thomas Nsikakabasi (Chief Evangelist, Africa)


  • Ridgley Kuang (Chief Advisor)
  • Eddie Hong (Advisor)
  • Angie Trinh (Advisor, Investor)
  • Manh Duong (Advisor, Investor, Partner)
  • Andy Truong (Advisor, Investor, Partner)
  • Afia Zaheer (Growth Advisor)



The Alfa Enzo token called the NZO is a useful token on the EON platform which can be earned by engaging in the network for a period of time...
Its value is gotten from engaging in activities and time as 1NZO equals 365 days.

In Conclusion
Alfo Enzo rewards users for engaging in activities in the network and the time spent using the NZO.
This helps to increase the acceptability of crypto-currency and time spent on the crypto-currency marketplace.

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