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Blockchain technology and decentralisation are changing the world. These technologies together providing solutions to many realistic problems from all sectors. And AgentMile is here to revolutionize the commercial real estate (CRE) market. AgentMile is the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) powered, decentralised CRE leasing platform. CRE industry is one of the largest global asset sector. Over the years brokers, landlords and customers struggled with many problems in the traditional system. Now by the use of blockchain technology AgentMile is here to provide real time solution to commercial real estate problems.

About AgentMile :
AgentMile is founded in 2015. It has started two real estate startups to transform the CRE market. In 2015 company started AgentDrive, which is helping to manage over 100,000 properties across 20 countries. Agentdrive is used by 1000 professionals around the world. In 2018 company started AgentGrow to provide solution to agents and brokers by building real estate websites with better search engine. Screenshot_20180721-112731.png

  • How AgentMile provide solution to CRE challenges ?

Commercial real estate is a $3385 trillion industry. AgentMile is here to transform CRE market by making decentralised AI powered leasing platform. And use of blockchain technology provide efficient solution to CRE challenges. Adoption of AgentMile will provide solution as follows :

  • Property search becomes quicker, easily and transparent by blockchain multiple listing search (MSL)

  • People's verified identities are digitally stored on blockchain, to facilitate faster checks

  • Cash flow management becomes safer, easier and quicker by smart contracts

  • Data stored on blockchain is incorruptible, unchangeable which provides trust in the system

  • AI helps to make better decision

  • AgentMile platform helps real estate market to connect worldwide and to effectively respond to consumer and investors demand

  • AgentMile platform eliminates money laundering, fake documentation, payment delay, check bounce, misappropriation of funds etc

  • Virtual reality (VR) help users to view properties

  • AgentMile Business Model :

AgentMile uses " ESTATE " token which is ethereum blockchain powered EIP20 ( Ethereum Intellectual Property ) token. AgentMile will reward users in ESTATE token for registering and completing KYC, For reviewing, sharing and promoting property details. Along with this AgentMile will charge Token or in Fiat for listing, leasing, renting, adverting property on its platform and for using AI help for decision making.

  • AgentMile ICO Details :

  • Conclusion : AgentMile is here to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. Over the years brokers, investors are struggled a lot in this market. Now AgentMile by the use of blockchain and AI technology will provide solution to real estate problems. It will transform the CRE industry and will make it easier to access for everyone. AgentMile is the key of trust and transparency in the commercial real estate market. It is an amazing realistic use case project to invest.

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