Think and Control Is the New Plug and Play: Neuro-Controlled Devices


For a long time, the science of neurocontrol was planted firmly in the realm of science-fiction. Sure, we have always dreamed of being able to move objects with just a swipe of the hand, but we are far more likely to associate that with Jean Grey than a 2018 invention.

However, we really aren’t that far from neurocontrol in our daily lives. Maybe more than a year, but futuristic-type gadgets based on the idea of neurocontrol are already in development.

Take one game developer, for instance, that has already developed an interface capable of controlling a character’s movement in-game - without the use of a joystick, keyboard or mouse.

Instead, it uses your brain.

Imagine if the future of gaming simply involved sliding on a pair of glasses and entering a new world powered by VR and neurocontrol!

This is just one example of a startlingly significant number of neurocontrol devices in development. As we continue to break ground in this exciting field, new innovations are poised to make some noise in their respective fields.

Developers and Doctors

There are two main goals driving behind neurocontrol: entertainment, and life-improvement. Game developers look to neurocontrol as a way to change the world of gaming forever, while doctors and scientists see neurocontrol as a way to, practically, improve the human species.

As a result, we’re seeing a unique mix of innovations. A large portion of neurocontrol advancements are coming from the field of gaming.

For example, one company recently created a game that allows you to use your brain to try and guide a ball through hoops, funnels and other hurdles. While certainly amazing (and amusing), it’s not quite the life-shattering devices most of us expect when we hear about neurocontrol.

More practically, several companies have already designed powerful neural interface devices. Scientists, programmers and software developers are now able to work with more accurate data collected from our brain signals.

What Can We Expect?

There’s a lot of promise in the neurocontrol world. We can definitely continue to expect new innovations in the gaming industry, as they attempt to bring gaming more and more into “the real world”.

We’ll also see companies like Neurogress growing as they begin to explore the exciting concept of neurocontrol in our daily lives. The neurocontrol software Neurogress is developing will let you control gadgets with a help of a generic neural interface that is easier to use than a plug-and-play device.

Imagine entering your office wearing a neural interface and letting Neurogress’s software take care of your thoughts transforming into actions. All you would need to do is sit down somewhere comfortable, and complete your work by thinking your tasks finished.

Imagine having the ability to monitor your entire home from the comfort of your couch (or from far away) just by thinking - turning your cameras and being able to see everything at ease.

Since neurocontrol devices are all easy to use, with hardly any setup required, these gadgets will quickly become mainstream. The wearable nature of neurocontrol devices gives them an edge over any other technological device innovation since, perhaps, the iPhone.

One thing is for certain. Neurocontrol development is poised to be much more than just the next smartphone or the next gameset. Neurocontrol will be our next technological revolution.

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