Got Thoughts? We Put Them to Action via Neural Control


50 years ago, no one would have been able to anticipate the revolution that the smartphone brought with its invention in 1992.

Back when computers filled an entire room, no one could imagine entire crowds glued to the tiny hand-held computers in their smartphones.

We’ve moved faster in the last century than in any point in history, and we have almost become used to the waves of technological advancements. Still, despite the excitement that remains as we look forward towards more innovation, there are many developments that seem too firmly rooted in science-fiction to ever become a reality.

Telekinesis, for example, seems farfetched, more like something out of a comic book than a possible reality. But we are already developing - and even have developed - the beginning stages of neurocontrol devices.

Mind Control and You

Neurocontrol is a rapidly developing science under the umbrella field of neurotechnology. You may have already heard of games that allow you to navigate small objects through an obstacle course using your thoughts, or of attempts to bring neurocontrol into the world of VR gaming.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Neurotechnology is spreading into all types of fields - medical, entertainment, even industrial. Driven in part by advancements in AI and mechatronics, neuro-controlled devices are closer to being commonplace than you might think.

The Next Industrial Revolution?

There’s no denying how dramatically, how fundamentally the internet has changed our lives. Most of us today can’t imagine living without it, but it wasn’t too long ago that no one would have been able to imagine living with it.

Neurotechnology promises to bring an even more drastic revolution.

If you could use your thoughts to interact with the world around you - if your brain could power machines and robots, possibly a world away - this could change the way our world works. Physical disabilities would no longer matter - every human could possess the ability to augment themselves however they wish.

Blurring the lines between the physical and the mental also has implications on how society works together. If projects can be accomplished just by thinking through them, our society will necessarily pivot towards the creative, towards the intellectual problems that we face as a species.

No longer would we be held back by any physical limitations.

Back to the Basics

Neurogress is one company that is exploring many rapidly developing fields, such as AI, mechatronics, and neurotechnology.

They work in many different industries to create incredible innovations, allowing people to control robots and other devices using only thought.

Focusing on wearable technology, Neurogress wants to create neurocontrol devices that literally anyone can pick up and start using. This type of innovation could soon allow everyone access to this groundbreaking technology.
We are closer than we think to our next human evolution. Are you ready for it?

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