Have you heard of DAB token and wondering how to earn some of the token? Sit back and read this article as I bring to you what DAB token is all about and how you can earn some DAB token.
DAB token has been created for the purpose of managing the DABANKING platform. And it is designed in such a way that the only way the earn this DAB token is via a token Mining program set aside by the team.
As I have informed you in my previous article about DAB and DABANKING Gaming platform, DAB token is presently utilizing the ETHEREUM blockchain and the good news here is that DABANKING is developing their personal blockchain which when fully completed will carry out a swap from ETHEREUM blockchain to DABANKING personal blockchain which will further increase the potentials of DAB token.

There are three types of wallets called ENERGY WALLETS which are mainly designed specifically for mining DAB token. You have to acquire these wallets if you must take part in DAB mining program. These three wallets are MINING WALLET, GREEN WALLET and GOLD WALLET respectively. These three wallets each has a specific function to perform in the DAB token mining process. However, before a user can successfully carry out the DAB token Mining process, it is mandatory that TREASURY PACKAGED has to be purchased and activated.


The TREASURY PACKAGE is an important aspect of DAB token mining , users are allow to buy a TREASURY PACKAGE with an amount not less than $200 amount in ETH . They can also buy as much as maximum of $5000 depending on the decision of the Developer who has access to the tool that determines the maximum amount of TREASURY pACKAGE an individual is allow to buy per time. When the TREASURY PACKAGED is activated, the GOLD WALLET will add 800% of the value of the package a user paid for and the GREEN WALLET will add 200% of the package value at the first purchase of package and will also add 100% of the value of the package at the second package and it will continue in that pattern.

The calculation of this TREASURY PACKAGE is done according to the value of ETH as at when a user deposits ETH to buy TREASURY PACKAGE and the ETH gets confirmed. Knowing too well that the price of ETH goes up and down, the team has considered this and decided that for the amount of TREASURY PACKAGE to be accepted, the ETH deposit has to get confirmed by the blockchain . otherwise , if its increases between the deposit time and the confirmation time than the price of TREASURY PACKAGE will also increase , but if on the other hands the Price of ETH decreases within the time it’s been deposited and the time it’s been confirmed by the blockchain then the Price of TREASURY PACKAGE will also decrease but this is not allowed to be more than 3% otherwise such transaction will be cancelled and fund refunded to the user who can now carry out a fresh ETH deposit if he so desires to continue in the mining program


Assuming a user purchases a treasury package for the first time for the amount in ETH worth $1000; such a user will receive $8000 in GOLD WALLET and will receive $2000 in GREEN WALLET that is for the first purchasing time. The MINING WALLET is designed to receive 0.5% of the value of GREEN WALLET daily. With this, the GREEN WALLET keep reducing everyday as the amount flowing through the MINING WALLET of the previous day is deducted.
Let me further break it down to the understanding of my readers, for instance, a user purchases a $1000 package and his or her GREEN WALLET has $2000.

day 1: 0.5% of $2000 is $10 will flow through MINING WALLET and GREEN WALLET remaining $1990
day 2: 0.5% of $1990 is $9.95 will flow through MINING WALLET and GREEN WALLET remaining $1980.05
day 3: 0.5% of $1980.05 is $9, 90025 will flow through MINING WALLET and GREEN WALLET remaining $1970, 14975
the process will keep going on daily until the amount in the GREEN WALLET becomes 0.

I believe with this simple explanation, you can appreciate the uniqueness of DAB token Mining process and be a part of it. In case you need more information please do not hesitate to obtain them from the links below. Also do well to join the social media to get regular updates. #Dapps #DABANKING #DAB #blockchain

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