Hello friends and followers, I am here again with an information about an innovative project ONIZ , I am sure this is the kind of project you must have been waiting to be part of ? It’s an ITO, the First of Its kinds and the First for the year 2019.

As we all know, technology generally is gradually taking over the world, and the block chain is also gradually transforming the global economy. Gone are those days where we had to struggle to make transactions and wait for weeks to transfer money to friends and relatives, or even send letter to love ones. Right now technology has brought all that into just a Mobile phone and with only a click of a button we are good to go. Before we could spell “JACK’ our transactions are delivered. What a transformation!

Are you even talking about the Gaming and Casino industries where cheating and manipulations of results were the order of the day? even with the huge market and profits from this industries things were not right , but with the innovative characteristics of the blockchain technology , players can enjoy a transparent , safe , and fast payments which encourage more participation . Merchants can have customers patronizing their goods, products and services from anywhere around the world without limitations by boundaries and boarders. And a lot more which Technology has brought to the entire world.


ONIZ is organizing the first ITO (Initial Token Offering) for the year 2019 . ONIZ is an innovative project that will give opportunities for Investors to invest in Online Casino, Football Betting games, and a lot more attractive packages to be enjoyed by users of ONIZ token. ONIZ is designed with an advanced and sophisticated technology system that will have a multichain Wallet, this Wallet will enable ONIZ to integrate Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment into our everyday purchase of goods and services as well as our usual day to day online payments. By multichain it means that ONIZ is not restricted to one or two blockchain but will be compatible with coins /tokens from several different blockchains. I must say the technology behind ONIZ is one of its kinds.


Like I said earlier ONIZ token is crested as a multipurpose token with several use cases, we all know that since the creation of blockchain technology and crypotcurrencies the major problem hindering the full adoption is the fact that none of these cryptocurrecnies can truly be used as a means of payment for goods and services in real globally. But ONIZ is different

.-Using ONIZ token, you can buy and pay for any goods and services from merchants who accept ONIZ as means of payments. And I am sure with the unique feature of ONIZ a lot of merchants would not want to miss the opportunity of ‘partnering. This is to say, in the nearest future you will be able to walk into a grocery store or a Mall and using your ONIZ wallet you pay for any goods of your choice stress free.

Also, Users can use ONIZ token to play Games from platforms that are linked to ONIZ or the games that shall be created on ONIZ platform and enjoy a fast payment of their earnings. I want to also let every Game or Casino lover know that he or she can get betting tips from ONIZ and have the opportunity of winning up to 80% or 85%.

This is another innovative and interesting benefit of using ONIZ token and being part of ONIZ community. And for every investor who invest in ONIZ , there is an opportunity to earn up to 30% profit monthly .

Download ONIZ mobile wallets through the links belowAndroid: 

IOS: https://oniz.co/download/app.plistThe several innovative benefits and advantages of ONIZ cannot be captured in this article, places use the links below and get more information on how to be part of ONIZ ITO and enjoy the benefits.

Webs'''ite: https://oniz.co/
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/OnizCo1
Telegram chat group : https://t.me/Onizco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Onizco
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