Since the invention of mobile phones, there have been a lot of ways in which people communicate by sending out instant messages to friends and associates. The advent of internet services further enhanced this chatting by allowing people to create a community online and be able to communicate either with a single friends or a group of people using same platform.

Some of these messenger platforms are: whatsapp, facebook , Pchats , Telegram and a lot of others where users either share pictures , media , messages with other users. This has helped immensely as they make it possible for users to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world.

Despite the mass adoption and usage of the existing instant messenger and chats platforms, there are challenges that do not allow users to enjoy the full potential of peer to peer instant communication. This is therefore the main reason for the Creation of NESTREE platform.


In order to properly eradicate the problems encountered by users of the existing instant messenger platforms and add value to instant communication globally, a team of great professionals and highly experienced men and women have created NESTREE to provide a messenger services with innovative features and rewards for users.


Presently, there are several factors that limit users of messenger service platforms from having a great experience while chatting. In most cases it is rather difficult to grow and maintain a group chats after creating it. Most times community members leave those groups because there is nothing important to offer and instead of such community increasing it keeps decreasing everyday. Of course if there is nothing interesting to capture user’s attention, some if not majority of users will either remain silent or leave such groups.

Also, in most cases it becomes hard to pass or get genuine information, this is because in a group chat as we all must have experienced, some users keep flooding it with different stuff that are neither important nor beneficial to other users, and to avoid these inconvenience, some users resorted to turning off their push notification button and when this happens they keep missing important information. NESTREE has been created to change these factors and many others.


There are many advantages of being a part of NESTREE community , all the inconveniences of wrong messages flooding a chat room and preventing other users from gaining access to important information is eliminated on NESTREE , this is because as a user there is an option to decide on which message you get notifications instead of completely blocking all notification. And moderators of those channels or communities have an option of allowing important messages to be viewed before others.

It will interest you to know that NESTREE is leveraging on the features of the blokchian technology and have created a cryptocurrrency that will be used in running the platform. NESTREE is designed to reward every stake holder with EGG token. These rewards will keep the community busy and for that, more people will love to join the community.

Hoever, rewarding content produces will encourage more users to post reasonable content s instead of just reading other peoples. Advertiser also will have a fulfilled moment using NESTREE to add value to their products and services with the enormous participants that will use NESTREE chat community.

Like I mentioned earlier on, NESTREE messaging services is made up of four major Menu options that will help users to enjoy absolute satisfaction while being part of the chat rooms or community. These Options include:

CHANNEL: this is where different communities can be found where users can choose where he or she has interest in and join. On the channel menu, users can find different options of chat communities and other important functions to choose from .

CHAT: under the Chat Menu, users communicate with already known friends in private chat rooms. Or with new friends that have joined the chat room, this is quite different from the CHANNEL menu.

DISCOVER : using this option users can search for every channel that is active , the App is designed such that on the DISCOVER menu , a list of different NESTREE channels is shown for every user to be able to easily locate a new chat community and also join with ease.

WALLET: with NESTREE wallet, users will be able to receive, store or trade their cryptocurrencies received as rewards or ‘trade other cryptocurrencies that will be listed on the platform. this is to let you know that NESTREE is not only about chatting and getting information but they also operate a crypto trading platform where users can safely , securely and transparently trade their digital assets.


in order to be able to operate a an innovative messenger platform that is different fromteh existing ones, NESTREE has a utility token that will serve as the main driver of the ecosystem . EGG is the token and will be used for several services on the NESTREE platform such as:

When users view or comment on posts in the community they receive rewards in EGG .

-For paid channels, EGG is used as the payment method. This means for any user to join some of the channels on NESTREE that are tagged Paid channels they need to pay some EGG token.

Content creators who make reasonable posts on the community will be rewarded with EGG, this is to encourage more content from other users.

In NESTREE market place, Users can pay for goods and services using EGG token ofcorse the expected large community , users who have goods and services to market will do so and this will give opportunity for other users to patronize them using EGG token. Users can also earn some EGG by inviting other friends to join the community.

There is more information about NESTREE that has not been captured in this article, I will therefore advise that my readers also visit NESTREE websites and white paper\_Whitepaper\_EN.pdf for a comprehensive information as well as join NESTREE social media for regular updates. This is one project you can’t afford to miss. Get NESTREE APPS here: ANDROID :


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