In my previous article about ANYONE, I took out time to explain ANYONE CASINO Games, its features benefits and advantages. I also remember mentioning that ANYONE is a platform with different interesting business models. In this article I shall be focusing on the INVESTMENT aspect of ANYONE and the dividend. I shall be explaining how to get started and enjoy the dividend from your investment just as others are already enjoying and cashing out some good amount of BTC on daily basis. You can be part of this great investment opportunity.
However, I will like to quickly remind you that ANYONE is a famous foundation that already, has offices in HONG KONG and BELIZE. Taking their OFFLINE and ONLINE games to different countries and regions of the world, they have been raising reasonable amount of Revenue on a daily basis. Enough to pay investors and also continue in rapidly developing more features to continue boosting the business.

ANYONE dividend is one important aspect of ANYONE LTD. this is where users are making money every day by investing in ANYONE coin which is called ANY Coin. ANY coin is a coin created by ANYONE Foundation to run the platform. The value of this coin is increasing at a high speed due to the INVESTMENT and dividend aspect of ANYONE. Users hold several amounts of ANY coin and get paid everyday depending on the amount of ANY coin invested and also depending on the amount of Revenue raised by the company for that day.

In every business, its success depends on the level of TRANSPARENCY TRUST and RELIABILITY and ANYONE has it all. I must confess, from what I have seen so far, The level of transparency seen on ANYONE platform, from the CASINO Games to INVESTMENT and DIVIDEND payment is so encouraging and this is one of the tools that have attracting more and more great investors into the investment platform of ANYONE . Every user who is investing in ANYONE has a guarantee of earning without issues. Why not invest on ANYONE and relax while your money works for you.


Now that you have heard about ANYONE investment and how juicy their dividend is, I am sure you will like to benefit from this and be part of the stakeholders in a famous company such as ANYONE. This is what you do, get to where ANY coin is trading (coinexchange ) or (ANY exchange) although ANY exchange is undergoing an upgrade right now you can buy from Coinexchange . Buy a minimum of 100,000 ANY coin, remember 100, 000 is just the MINIMUM amount some investors buy in millions, and the amount of your earnings depends on two factors.

  1. the amount of ANY coin you own
  2. The amount of total revenue realized by ANYONE for that day

So you can actually determine if you want to earn big Dividend then you invest big. See below an example of how ANYONE dividend is being calculated:
Let’s say on July 11 th the total amount of ANYcoin on ANY dividend platform = 1,381,215,469 and you as a user own say 500,000 ANY.
The calculation will go thus: 500k /1,381,215,469×100 = 0.0362 %.
Now for July 10th revenue which was the previous day was 3087, 8037 CHIP. Remember the dividend is earned in CHIPS can later converted to USD in the ratio of 1 Chip = 1USD.
Now to calculate your dividend for 1 day we have: 3087, 8037× 0.0362 (which is the percentage of ANY you own,) = 1.1177 Chip which is your dividend for 1day. Like I said earlier, this can fluctuate depending on the revenue ANY made for that day on dividend site.

You can easily withdraw your earning by converting from Chip to BTC on the exchange.
By now you should have made up your mind on investing in millions of ANY to earn big amount of Dividend each day. You can get more information here

Before I forget, ANYONE has created mobile and pc Apps to enable a smooth and easy running of their platform. In addition to their existing wallets, where users can hold their digital assets, the Mobile App will have ANYONE exchange platform, ANYONE CASINO gaming and ANYONE Investment. The beta testing of the Pc and Android version is already available and the true version will be available very soon.
Links to ANYONE wallets:
Windows 32bit:
Winodws 64bit:

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