Hi readers, I am here again, still on the different interesting business models of ANYONE LTD, I have discussed the innovative CASINO games which is like a trade mark of the company yielding great revenue for the company as a result of it unique features that differentiate ANYONE CASINO Games from other existing CASINO Games both blockchain based and normal non blockchain CASINO platforms.
ANYONE has made a mark in CASINO industry by operating both offline and online using cryptocurrencies . You can get more information about ANYONE CASINO here:

I also, talked about the Profitable and reliable ANYONE investment business model of ANYONE which has drawn many to the adoption of the blockchain by investing in ANY coin and earning great dividend. You can get more information about ANYONE investment Here: And also read my previous articles on ANYONE project.

Now in this article I am set to introduce you to the EXCHANGE as one of ANYONE business models.
Without any doubt, we know that the advent of of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has given rise to the creation of several different EXCHANGES both CENTRALIZED and DECENTRALIZED. But most of these EXCHANGES come with different challenges , the common one being lack of adequate security that lead to hacking by cyber criminals who steal a lot of investors funds . This is common to the CENTRALIZED Exchanges where user’s accounts are controlled and managed by a central authority. Lack of Transparency as well as complicated user interface which makes it difficult for new users to trade their digital assets is another factor.

One of the reasons for the creation of ANYONE EXCHANGE is to allows users have a hitch free, transparent and reliable trading experience with the user friendly interface. Users do not need to be professional traders to use ANYONE Exchange platform. Several big crypto assets will be listed on ANYONE Exchange for trading. Therefore, low liquidity and volume witnessed in existing Exchanges will not be experienced on ANYONE Exchange.

Moreover, the introduction of different versions of wallets will help users to trade their digital assets directly from their wallets where they own the private keys. This is to avoid the problem of loss of crypto assets due to hacking. You can get the different versions of ANYONE wallet from these links:

Presently, ANYONE LTD has continued to add more features by creating web and mobile Applications for users. These Applications I believe will go a long way in advancing and enlarging the coast of ANYONE CASINO and other business models of ANYONE LTD around the world. ANYONE PC and Mobile Applications is expected to be available for use before the end of July 2019.

ANY COIN is created by ANYONE team and it operates its own mainnet. There are several ways in which ANY Coin is used which help in increasing its value.

  1. Investors buy and own some any to earn dividend
  2. ANY coinis will be used in paying for Exchange fees
  3. Players of ANYONE CASINO GAMES both online and offline make use of ANY coins
  4. It will be used for transaction fees on ANYONE Exchange and many other ways.

However, ANYONE is an outstanding project that has everyone in mind, Crypto enthusiasts, CASINO game lovers crypto Investors and traders. ANYONE LTD has something good for everyone. With all these great business models I can see ANYONE transforming not just the CASINO Games industry but the entire cryptoworld . And many individuals as well as organizations will be attracted to the adoption of the blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrency as a result of ANYONE innovative business models.
ANYONE CASINO games are interesting and players have the opportunity of choosing from different types of Games. Take a look :

This article is just a brief review about ANYONE LTD I will advise you join ANYONE social media via the links below to obtain more information and recent updates.

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