Digest of news about C3 project.

Life of Crypto Credit Card project is very rich and interesting. Almost every day there is some important event. I am pleased to introduce You to only a few of them.

So, the C3 and educational online platform with international speakers and business coaches EasyBizzi became partners. Thanks to the integration, Crypto Credit Card users will have access to professional online training and master classes from successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. All training materials are available in 5 languages.

C3 is an international project with a multinational team, which has become even larger because it was joined by a new Advisor - Hans A. Koning. He is a professional in his field with many years of experience working with various startups, as an investor and adviser in Asia, America and Europe. Hans will open up tremendous opportunities for development.

24.05.2018 Crypto Credit Card launched its own crypto exchange C3.exchange in MVP format! MVP is the easiest working prototype of the product, which is tested before full-scale development. This approach insures the project from the lock of demand for the final product and from losses in the development. MVP allows you to collect information with minimal effort to modify the product to the needs of the target audience or even to refuse it. I encourage everyone to take part in testing and give feedback to developers. Professional trading instruments, which were previously available only on the stock exchange (PAMM accounts), will become available to C3 users in June this year.

The founders of Crypto Credit Card Sergei Salanin and Michael Sannikov participated in the annual conference on trends in the fintech sector, the blockchain and cryptocurrency. They met with representatives of DASH in the CIS and agreed to cooperate. DASH supported the idea of listing their coin on the recently launched C3.exchange.

Crypto Credit Card offers to build your own network of referrals and receive passive income. The program has 2 partner packages: FREE and BUSINESS. The package FREE is a free and has 1 referral level. Business package - cost of 300 CCCR tokens and 9-level partner network.

This is only part of past events. C3 tries to provide as much opportunities as possible for its users. The main priorities of the project are quality and safety. Join us and tell your friends! https://goo.gl/qWyojF

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