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In Robert Kiyosaki's bestseller "Rich dad, poor dad" there's an expression that has become very popular: "The richest people in the world are looking for and building networks, and the rest are looking for work." Many network companies today try to separate from the term "network marketing", because they believe that it has a negative impact. In my opinion, it is the network, or rather the team that you will build, that is the true key to financial freedom, success, prosperity, prosperity. Let me give you some facts in favor of network marketing.

  • The world's leading company makes a turnover of about $ 12 billion a year
  • Every day more than 50 people in the world become millionaires from network marketing, and in the US about 400,000 people became millionaires through the construction of their networks.
  • The MLM industry ranks first in the world as a rapidly developing economic system.
  • 50 % of all products and services in the US go through the MLM industry, and 90% in Japan. Therefore, Japan ranks first in the world in the development of the network marketing industry.

Why am I telling you this? The project CryptoCreditCard has finally launched its referral program! 2 partner packages: FREE and BUSINESS.

The package FREE is a free and has 1 referral level. What does that mean?

The free package allows you to earn 20% of the company's profits from your first level customers in CCCR tokens.

Company profit:

  • Up to 2% from cryptocurrency to fiat;
  • 5% of retail chains that provide cashback to our customers;
  • Commission from banks for customers who took the loan;
  • The commission for an increase of PAMM-accounts;
  • Fee for the offer on the stock exchange, etc.

The BUSINESS package costs 300 CCCR tokens has 9 levels. What gives it?

The business package allows you to earn a percentage of your partners ' profits depending on their level.

Your bonus from the profit of your partners:

Level 1 - 20%
Level 2 - 10%
Level 3 - 7%
Level 4 - 5%
Level 5 - 3%
6 level - 2%
7-9 level - 1%

Friends, what could be easier with such high-quality and reliable products that C3 produces?! The question is rhetorical. Invite your family, friends, acquaintances and strangers to the C3 platform via your unique referral link, get passive income and enjoy the delights of financial freedom!


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