Google is the new Bittorrent

Following a huge crackdown on torrent search engine and tracker websites around the Internet, it turned out pirates have found a new way to distribute copyrighted material: a coordinated misuse of the Google services (Yotube, Google Drive and My Maps).

The most unusual service that is being abused for distributing content that we came across is My Maps. It's a feature Google introduced in 2007 to enable users to create custom maps. Anyone can visit the My Maps website, and create a custom map by pointing to a location on the map, adding a title, and filling up a description box. Google doesn't verify what kind of information users are sharing in description, so you can again easily share links to unlisted YouTube streams, or Google Drive files to download. What this means is that people can then share locations on maps, which lead to the pirated movies. (Gadget360)

Don't forget that the improper use of the Google's service will get users blocked and liable.

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