Do you want more hashtags?

Since Golos is becoming more popular (lucky us!) and the number of post is constantly increasing, what about raising the number of hashtags for a single post from 5 to 8/10?
(Please resteem to spread the word!)
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I think it is a good idea.
PS: I have a counteroffer for you. Maybe it is worth translating your posts and ideas to Russian and publish them along with English text? I think the reaction could be much more vivid.

If you like the idea, try to post this one and let´s see whether it causes some more answers and likes:

Heading: Вам нужно больше тегов?

Text: Поскольку Голос становится все более популярным (да, мы счастливчики), и количество постов все время увеличивается, не стоит ли увеличить количество тегов к каждому посту от 5 до 8-10?

Пожалуйста, поделитесь этим постом, чтобы он получил максимальное распространение.

27.08.2017 12:12

One more thing: is it possible to make the link in the mentions of our wallet active?
I mean, when in the wallet appears the text "@NNN mentioned you in his post /link/, is it possible to make this link active, to avoid copying and pasting it in the browser address line?

27.08.2017 12:56

Very nice idea! Let's save it for another post and keep one post for every new suggestion: will be easier for developers to track new features requests.

27.08.2017 13:16

Thank you so much @extranjerita!

27.08.2017 13:14