Blockchain to rehabilitate pirate streamers.

The American startup White Rabbit developed a Blockchain-based browser plugin intended to reward creators for their contents streamed over the Internet:

White Rabbit is a browser plug-in that recognizes the content you watch, without forcing you to subscribe to anyone site. By separating distribution from payment, White Rabbit offers one payment system, but infinite viewing experiences.
When streaming their favorite films or series, smart contracts deduct a payment from users and transfer this immediately to rights holders. Utilizing blockchain technology, rights holders are also ensured complete financial transparency.
Thereby, White Rabbit liberates creators and fans from closed server based subscription platforms. In its place, White Rabbit delivers unlimited choice in content for fans, incentives for an innovative streaming industry, a sustainable business model for digital distribution and a fair and transparent future for artists, producers and investors. (from WR official website)

White Rabbit is a content ecosystem accessed through a plugin that recognizes the film and series you stream. The streaming sites are P2P or open server, meaning users can choose where they want to stream (White Rabbit CEO Alan R. Milligan)

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